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for Sex, Not Making Love

7/26/2012 c18 6caitlynshanewait
i cant wait to hear what happens next. :)
7/26/2012 c18 o
7/25/2012 c18 5SpideyFreakingNinja
This is really great! I haven't read your previous version but this is still amazing! Please update soon!
7/25/2012 c1 Skarlette Fox
hmmmmm i have been in similar situations...hey, it can happen...right
7/25/2012 c18 D. M. Gotmen
Aww she mouthed the three words.. So sweet :) ... Please update soon!
7/24/2012 c18 Guest
oooh lovely :) Twas so sweet.
7/23/2012 c18 meaganmarie5
Thank you for updating! I love this story : )
7/23/2012 c18 2innoc3nc3cuti3
Sad for Carson about this family but now he has Maggie to make him feel happy. Looking forward to your next update.
7/23/2012 c18 3Mrs.Mellark12345
I looooved this chapter. I really liked hearing about his family. I'm glad it went well! :) I wish he'd have seen her mouth I love you.. :( I cant wait for the next chapter. Update soon! :)
7/23/2012 c18 EMoTiONSz91
Great chapter I can't wait for the next one to see what happens. I hope Carson at least acknowledges soon that Maggie loves him alot. :)
7/23/2012 c18 JJsMommy29
so can't wait to see what happens next between them so keep up the amazing work and update soon
7/23/2012 c18 Libertyp-j
I wish for you to update quicker, I want to know what happens with the L word! Loving ittttttt! Update soon

Lots of love xxxx
7/23/2012 c18 372898
Lol my friend begged me to get the app and I did but I've yet to get an account. It seems like the new thing though. How do you pronounce it? I say "keek" but my sister thinks "kick". Anyway back to the story, awesome as usual.
Great update. :-)
7/22/2012 c17 ViciouslyDark
7/22/2012 c17 dimitrilover101
LOVE STORY!BEEN WAITING FOR THE STORY TO GET TO THIS CHAPTER!Awsome chapter can't wait until you update!
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