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for Love vs Like

3/17/2011 c1 6StargazerJu
I like :) The flow was a teeny bit stubmling at first but once I got it it was very cute and even alittle bit funny ( I have a weird sense of humor maybe)
3/16/2011 c1 12Loqwell
Oi- that's my reaction to what's going on in this poem.

As for the poem itself, I liked the love/love and her/her, but I feel like your flow/rhythm is a bit all over the place. Argh, I'm sorry, normally I'm more specific with this, but I'm tired and not thinking as precisely as usual. However, I'll tell you what I normally do: read "out-loud" in your head, so you're actually hearing the poem. That way you can see where a reader might stumble (as I did in the last line of the 3-4-4-4 syllable layout of the first four lines), as well as where they'll kind of savour the wording (as I did in the near parallelism of the love/love her/her in the first two sets of lines).


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