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11/28/2015 c7 augmentedDREAMS
Okay so the idea of writing about escaping slavery is all well and good but it only works if you actually show the character finding empowerment and freedom after escaping. Which is nullified by Kali falling pregnant.

Really? Pregnancy? Really? Is that what you really think was appropriate over here? Not Kali moving on from all the torture. Not her reuniting with her parents. Not her getting an education and making a living. Hey, let's just get her pregnant. Pregnancy solves everything. You people treat pregnancies like a joke. Especially pregnancies that result from rape. Do you really think Kali would want to be a teenage mom? Give birth to a child born from rape? Do you really think the child would like the idea of having been a result of rape? The rape of a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD BY A TWELVE YEAR OLD?!

Oh, Conner's close to her age and potentially attractive so it makes it okay. Cut the bullshit. Here I was thinking wow, a story addressing such an issue and then you dump that shit on me. That is the most backward... regressive thing you could have written. Seriously, if you think pregnancy is the solution... You need to re-evaluate your priorities. I'm greatly disappointed.

Also, being an Indian, I have a few corrections to make. 1. We do not live in the jungle. 2. We do not live in palaces situated in jungles 3. We do not sing lullabies about "Adam" and whatnot. Our culture neither has an Adam nor an Eve. Did you even care to do some research before writing this or did you just watch The Jungle Book?
8/15/2012 c7 Pary Gulanam
This is an amazing story! :) It would've been great if Alexa got to meet her parents again.
4/1/2011 c7 4starnight3
Aw what a sweet ending :) Great story!
3/31/2011 c6 starnight3
Aw I just love Olivia :) Update soon!
3/27/2011 c5 starnight3
Aw Alexander is so cute :) Good chapter!
3/24/2011 c4 starnight3
Your story is very well written. I am really enjoying it :)
3/18/2011 c1 4siriuslyobsesed
Hey, i loved this. it was so upsetting. i almost cried :( please continue :) x

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