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7/21/2012 c1 1Saoirse7
Your writing is good. I like the clear description of each wife in the midst of what her eyes tell, and I like how you incorporate all of them in the last one.
1/14/2012 c1 3Goya
I really loved this insight into Henry's mind. It is well done and written in a style I enjoyed.
7/13/2011 c1 3Madame K
This is a wonderful piece! One of my favourites of all six queens combined. Well done!
7/1/2011 c1 Tricorvus
That was artful and inspired. I, as a descendant of Thomas Stafford, who was beheaded at the behest of Henry VIII (pun intended, sorry), found it a delight. I spent most of my reading years, trying to understand him, and my ancestor who pissed him off. I like this.
4/1/2011 c1 8Lea Ai
Very interesting concept and I enjoyed your writing style. I must admit that what little I know of Henry VI comes from Shakespeare...and that was more than 10 years ago :-D. However, this makes me want to go and study his life (and wives) more fully. It was a good little piece.
3/29/2011 c1 68Katherine Rhett
I really like this concept. I think it is an interesting new take on the tudors. However, I'm not an expert in tudors so I felt as if I needed more backstory to truly keep up and understand the piece.I like how the story is partiioned into the different eye colors, but I experienced a little disorientation at each time jump. The transitions should be a little smoother and give more of a clue of what time this section of the story is taking place. You could probably also focus more on the role of each woman in Henry's life as a whole (ex. how his first wife helped establish him as a king, how Anne Boleyn sparked something in him etc) and give more of the overall story instead of just little snippets. You have good foundation, I just think that you could have added a little more punch. Hope I helped and good luck with future endeavours :)
3/24/2011 c1 1SingingBird812
This was really interesting! I enjoyed reading it. :)

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