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for Down Pour

4/19/2011 c1 17chlodochar.wolf
This is my favorite poem out of the rest you've written. I like the imagery... crying in the rain, etc. Thanks for sharing it, I enjoyed it! (However, some of the poems in which you put 'Enjoy!' in the summary just makes the summary creepy. LOL. If that makes any sense.)
3/27/2011 c1 71Subbie
this one's my favorite out of all the ones you put up today :)
3/26/2011 c1 29YasuRan
Nice imagery with the rain likened to tears, blood to rainwater and so forth. But I feel that you could have used some more creative, unique expressions to put these across because I've seen a lot of other poets use very similar images to yours. Some of the verses felt a bit too stereotypically angsty or clich├ęd, especially the vocab.

Not a bad effort but you can do better.
3/26/2011 c1 too.much.of.water
That's interesting. I like the personification of emotions in this poem. Good job :)

My only criticism


your lack of rhythm

in the poem,


there really are

a lot


poems on this website

which is pretty



prose which just replaces

a space between


with a new paragraph.

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