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1/19/2014 c22 deets1

Please post the next one. Please oh please.

Okay wait. I know this sounds selfish and you've probably planned your author/ffnet career out very carefully but... if you intend, at all, to publish your sequels on ffnet instead of out in the real world then please do it somewhere close to soon. This story does have a lot of reviews, and as people read your other stories they'll eventually come here-especially if you have a sequel. That's how I got here. I loved whenever you want and rose red. Well I'm still reading rose red but I digress.

In any case this is more a heads up that people still care about this story and would looooove if you felt like uploading a sequel. Oh and if you do could you pretty please tack a note update on this original? I mean I'll follow you if I'm not already but no one who read this a while ago will know to look at your sequel. If you post it. I'm sure you already know this.

ANYWAY that was all I wanted go say. Oh and thanks for writing this story and posting it again despite initial slowness. I really did like it.

1/19/2014 c23 deets1
I loved this story. It's a shame that there's no sequel-it'll be finished in my heart. This was so good. I mean it. The Vincent twist was so unexpected, as well as the one about Redd and M. Wow. I just... I need to absorb this for a bit.
9/10/2013 c23 bettyboop1124
I love this! Will you publish the next two?
5/2/2012 c8 Rebecka F

This story is seriously good. I love how detailed it is, you are a very good author! Can't wait to finish it!

10/13/2011 c23 Minirowan
My God that was amazing! I really hope you'll have some time to fix up the rest of the trilogy, maybe it won't take so long since you already have the groundwork laid out. Then again, I'm no writer so that's probably wishful thinking.

It would be so nice if this book were faster paced, but it's the set up for the rest of the adventure, right? The story has to start somewhere I suppose...but I'm just being impatient. I'm sure your work will take off and then you'll have no time for this.

Anyway, as for some actual criticism, I see no fault in this book. Sometimes the stray grammatical/spelling error slips past you but that's about it. You're good! The hints for who Trina and Vincent really are were well placed and very subtle; now that I'm reading this for the second time I'm amazed I didn't catch onto jerk-face -Vin the first time around.

Also, you did a wonderful job on developing the characters. I can't wait to see how those on the sidelines turn into key players later on! I already love the main couple, but Carter is worming his way into my heart as well. Although I'm not sure Freda will make it there if she doesn't lighten up; I like her character but she's a bit too rough.

Well...I can't think of anything else to say. 

Best of luck with your work!

9/24/2011 c23 Zero Serenity

both the gooey ahh and the crestfallen ahh

the story is over! the way it ended! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

i couldn't remember the way book one ended, so it was nice to get the little sneaky kiss in there =D

I think i've asked before, but i don't remember if i got an answer. do you plan to put books two and three up? you mentioned you wouldn't be posting weekly on fictionpress, but just reading that makes me wonder what you wont be posting. the wonders of vagueness and my obtuse way of thinking! ^.~

I'm glad the whole things is up to be read though, it's still one of my favorite stories you've written, even with my moments of escaflowne/actual names confusion.

Hope you're having a good week

9/24/2011 c22 Zero Serenity
you've told me there's no reason to really comment comment, with real feed back and stuff, besides me goo-ing and saying how great this is, but i can't help itttt.

at the start trina was all upset about not being allowed in and such, and then when they talk to her she gets all, i don't wanna talk! just have to point out she's a little wishy washy like but this was one of your earlier stories, and i know, from reading the newer stories, that your characters are more stable now. just thought i'd mention it annnyways.. yeah.

the foxes must temporarily disband! vacation awaits! wheeee.

i blame this spastic review on energy bars and sweet tea. oh and because i'm dog tired from helping my grandparents pack stuff.

9/24/2011 c21 Zero Serenity
I know it had to happen, but with the way of this chapter I really wish I could kick Brock and Trina's butts. They never should have let Megan take the gun and go after Redd. =/ sigh. But alas, now we have the meeting with ... ah hell. um...HARKER! harken... harker.. yeah i think it was harker XD must memorize name...

now we get to look forward to the meeting at the voltage room(i can remember that one XD)

anywho, must finish catching up, just wanted to say i wish things coulda gone a bit different with megan, but meh, i know how it ends so i'm happy



Looking forward to oct. 1st
9/15/2011 c23 9Kaytala
I'm proud of you! Congratulations! I really liked the changes you made from the original story. It made for an excellent read. Now that you're officially an author, will you still continue with this revised series? Can't wait to buy your book! Congrats again!
9/11/2011 c23 NicerTwin
I don't understand...? What do you mean you're going to update on your blog instead of ficpress? Sorry, i'm a total noob about blogging sites. How would that work? And are you going to still update on fictionpress?
9/10/2011 c23 Scorpiongurl324
Come on you can't leave it like that! Will u be posting the sequel on ur blog?

9/10/2011 c23 Guest
my God, is this THE END, as in the end of the sory?
9/9/2011 c23 372898
Congrats on your book! Nice chapter but i noticed that there was kind of an abrupt ending there though.
9/8/2011 c23 A-Rob29
OMGSHHH! Please please pleaseee tell me your continuing the story! Pretty please? :( I became too enthralled with it. Since I read it as a fanfiction up until now, I still love the story. I'd love if Mystic Wings and Mark of the Goddess could be done too! I understand though if that's too much to ask with the excitement of your new book going on. Congrats btw! :)
9/8/2011 c23 1C.A. Bowers
Congratulations on getting published! That's so awesome! I really like your Escaflowne fanfiction and I read this one back when it was fanfic as well.

Very nice conclusion to Mark of the Dragon. I forgot it ended like this and was merging part two in my mind with it. LOL

Well, now I have to talk my husband into letting me order your book. XD
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