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for I Don't Like You, But I Love You

10/14/2012 c15 missyb1988
I enjoyed this story it took them long enough to get together :) I thought it could of been written a little better could of been more detailed from each others pov but I still thought it was a good read :)
7/24/2012 c15 mayndrewfan123
OMG I loved this story! From Paul's annoyingness in the first chapter to Kim's cluelessness right above. This story was amazing, I love it too death! Now I must check out your other stories!
Thanks 4 the amazing story!
10/27/2011 c14 Person
Well it was good but you went too far with the sexual stuff. That is not 'decent.'
10/19/2011 c15 saportaaa
This was an amazing story, I really enjoy stories that are fairly over 10 chapters. I love that you mad their love last forever. It made so much more realistic to think that they actually lived their lives before they decided to be together.
10/18/2011 c15 5TheRiverRunsDeep
I have enjoyed the long ride! Thanks for the great read! Hope you continue writing and inspiring more people (yes in many ways you have inspired me!) Thank you!

Till next time:

10/15/2011 c15 6kj236

i'm so glad it ended that way..:D

didnt really see the point of the candace/paul dancing but it certainly added to the awesomeness of the end :)

thankyou and please write another one! :)
10/15/2011 c15 6MantraMagazine
Awww-some! What a fantastic and fun to read ending to your story. Somehow you managed to make it sweet without an ounce of cheese. Great job, and thank you!
10/15/2011 c15 6LaughsWithTears
Awww... It's over? At least it ended nicely, and not with some sort of violent death. :)
10/15/2011 c15 12TasteTheFreakingRainbow
I hate when good stories lke this end :(
10/15/2011 c15 SnoQueen
Sweet story. I did feel it lacked drama and the tension you tried to put in...but it was super sweet and cute, and made up for it. (:

Wish it went on for a bit longer!

I enjoyed your writing - it flows well and was easy to understand.

Thanks for sharing!

10/15/2011 c15 3Jude Blake Gabriel
Thank you for the great read! Kim and Paul were sooooooo cute.Love this story. :P
10/3/2011 c14 6kj236
Update! Now! Or else!

Only discovered this story tonight but i'm loving every minute of it... I want more!

Please finish it? Soon? :D
8/30/2011 c14 3Brightheart
i am happy for paul and kim. they are together at last. yippee!
8/28/2011 c14 6MantraMagazine
AWWWWsome! They are so cute. I'm very glad you didn't have them freak out. But just to clarify, they did have sex, right? Just curious. It could go either way for me.
8/25/2011 c14 5TheRiverRunsDeep
no no no it can't be almost over!
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