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for I Don't Like You, But I Love You

8/25/2011 c14 12TasteTheFreakingRainbow
aw.. awesome update soon
8/25/2011 c14 6LaughsWithTears
Awww... It's cute! I can only hope that it continues in this same vein for a while before something goes wrong. They're the perfect couple!
8/25/2011 c14 BornAverage
So, since they slept together, does that mean they're together-together? You know what I mean?

Her and Paul's conversations never fail to make me smile. And, I love how they can joke around with each other like that, with the whole condom thing. xD Ahahah.
8/19/2011 c13 BornAverage
And, I will be waiting for that juiciness. :P
8/18/2011 c13 kaymonkeygirl
Great chapter! Update soon?

8/18/2011 c13 LaughsWithTears
WHOO! Update soon, please? I need something interesting to read. :P
7/30/2011 c12 6MantraMagazine
Geez Louise, you had me scared there for a minute! Very real, plausible chapter. They both have grown up, so there needs to be a dose of reality there. But of course, the fun of fiction, is you can then turn the situation however you want it. I'm hoping for a re-connection! Until next time...
7/16/2011 c12 5TheRiverRunsDeep
Hahaha, they better get back together and maybe this time, more then friends!
7/16/2011 c12 9The Golden Orchid
wow. that was just...wow.
7/16/2011 c12 6LaughsWithTears
Well, this chapter was awfully disappointing. Can't wait until next chapter! :)
7/3/2011 c11 5TheRiverRunsDeep
I hate it for the fact that they are not together!
7/3/2011 c11 3Brightheart
omg. no dialogue. so emotional. really descriptive.
7/1/2011 c11 6LaughsWithTears
Oh, but I DO hate this chapter more than you do. Because it suggests that Paul will end up with this Candace lady. And that can't happen. RIGHT?
7/1/2011 c10 1NeonTime
Not the pitch-perfect brilliance of the original version's ending, alas. But I still like it.
6/28/2011 c1 kaymonkeygirl
I have only finished chapter one but I felt the need to tell you I love this! I was literally laughing out loud! :)
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