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6/4/2011 c1 Squidge Freeg
I liked this, I loved the pace and the style of it. It reminded me a lot of Scarface, Public Enemies, and countless other stories and films that have been told and re-told.

No one line jumped out at me this time, but it was a good little read, and a good length. Any longer it would have been rambling, any shorter it wouldn't have been enough. Seems like it's missing something though... perhaps more chapters?

5/15/2011 c1 4k.mogami
Very nicely written. When I was reading it, I immediately thought of Bonnie and Clyde, then when I scrolled up to begin this review and read your AN, it makes sense now.

"...height of this time when he (Uncle Billy) took me on a camping trip into the..."- I don't think (Uncle Billy) is needed. I think we all get that he took you camping instead of some other random adult.

I actually didn't expect for Valeria to be the aunt. I kind of expected her to be Uncle Billy's "one that got away" or something. Or even one of the FBI agents during the whole thing. So that was a pleasant surprise. Well, ish. I mean, death is never cool, but I think you get what I mean.

"...ready for a crackerjack of a yarn..."- I don't know what this means exactly, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I liked all the little descriptions going on within the story.
5/15/2011 c1 3Rosemarysgraden001
ok u really like bank robberies charlie lol.

anyway it was sweet concise, short, sweet and it had a message. I liked the story within a story element.

5/1/2011 c1 18Luna Carn
Beautiful story and vivid characters. I loved this a lot.

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