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6/29/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
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4/17/2021 c1 AvegaLil
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4/4/2021 c1 Joeson
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
2/3/2021 c23 B
OMG what. Russell what are you doing bud? I don’t know what to even say right now. He was really growing on me and now I feel like a parent or guardian Angel that’s just so disappointed in him. Having friends and myself be led on by guys... I know this isn’t tragic, but it hurts. It’s something that doesn’t get talked about enough. It is a form of abuse to use someone else that way and I’m so glad it’s getting highlighted in a romance for once. I’m so glad the twins kept Celeste from banging her head on a wall. Bless them. And things are heating up for the main pairing! I was so excited when Celeste called her friend on her BS. Men should not be compared to horses. That’s also abuse. And WAY TO GO KENZ!
2/3/2021 c22 B
Wow. There is so much character development in this chapter. Characters are starting to show more personality and there’s more conflict with dialogue. Compelling writing to be sure! I’m starting to understand Celeste a little more, but oh snap. The fact that the twins heard her makes this so great. Well done!
10/22/2020 c21 AJ689
Shooooooot. Wow. There is so much in this chapter. Papillon- I just realized that is French for butterfly and that there is a dog breed named after it! That so brilliant. And you didn’t tell me that, but you hinted at it with the comment about the ears. Then there’s Russell. What the heck man? I know he has a jaded jaded past but dude. He’s scary when he’s mad. Little comments that Celeste makes just breaks my heart. Like the one about getting a new mattress after each break up. That’s real expensive for one and sad for another! She and Charlie need to date already!
10/22/2020 c20 AJ865
WELL huh. Really love how Petra is getting to have some fun for once. I get the feeling she’s been through hard stuff and the only love she got was gifts. Makes me wonder what her love language is? Does she like being spoiled with gifts or is she something else? I hope the road between her and Celeste gets mended. Love that Celeste has a “big brother” now. Curious how this will play out. My bet is that Pheonix and Harper will argue over how heir siblings treat each other. Once of the hardest things is not to take up for a sibling when you are close to them. Love!
10/17/2020 c16 AJ865
Nooooooooooooo! I wanna know what went down in the locker room!

Dude. I like how you add little hints of more character depth but don’t answer them then and there. Makes me want mooooooooooooore
10/17/2020 c15 AJ865
I had to go back and re-read this story since I saw you added to it! The themes of this story are really fascinating since you added the dynamic of Petra and how they have a blended family. Some people learn to roll with those punches in a healthy or unhealthy way. Looks like Bright is dealing with them in an unhealthy way. Really like how loving each of the characters are to her and her little sister. Also, bravo on managing to fit those backstreet songs in there- huzzah!
7/2/2020 c21 Knirbenrots
Love this work - really your own characters. Please go on!

Greetz, Richtsje
5/9/2020 c20 Jennifer
Can't wait to see what happens next :-)
5/30/2017 c18 B
I want to go to those sand dunes.
11/5/2016 c18 B
Please update soon!
9/11/2016 c16 aj.garcia.1428921
My bad. I realized I spelt his name wrong. I meant Phoenix. I like him more and more. Good name for this guy. Also, do you ship travel size Marcus'? I'll take two!
9/11/2016 c18 aj.garcia.1428921
Fascinating! I want to go to that sand dune now! Too bad you did a fic in a land so far away. ;) I hope we gain more Phenix and Harper dynamic, at least I hope I am guessing right. I know she likes him, but does he like her back? Maybe? Also, I seem to recall Teagan bribing Celest to come back with a pony? Whatever happened to that idea? Was it just a joke? Hopefully that will be me clear. Also... Will that girl Celest saw giving her the stink eye at the youth group become a prob? And Celest now has pictures! Proof! Not that she needs it. She really needs to lose those Beverly Hills babes. They are no good! Nope! No good! I'm so happy she came back to Needles. What will she do when she goes home? She can't keep going back every weekend and being away from Charlie would be bad for her. She could fall into her old ways and become mentally unstable! Rich people have a way for getting into doing unhealthy things. Who am I kidding? Humans have a way of doing unhealthy things! Please don't leave us for a year! It was brutal to wait for so long, but it was so worth the wait. Thanks again for the update. You are the best Zappe!
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