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for The Vanity Affair

4/26/2011 c4 mylittlePRINCESS
amazing story update more please
4/25/2011 c4 6EmmaWoodhouse88
Poor jude. She keeps getting picked on. lol.
4/25/2011 c4 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You
Love it.
4/25/2011 c3 mylittlePRINCESS
Interesting story i want to read more please update fast
4/25/2011 c3 Its.Not.Me.Its.You
I think it's great.

Can't wait for more!

Hope you update soon!
4/24/2011 c3 TheElements23
I love the story so far. I wonder what will happen when Jude and Van realize that they are looking for the same item. Update soon!
4/24/2011 c3 1AngelEvie
Love the story so far. I didn't read the old verson, so this is all new to me. I really like it! Hope you update soon, i can't wait.
4/24/2011 c3 6EmmaWoodhouse88
Where's your something borrowed and something blue? lol. Interesting to be able to look back. I think that Charles killed Tristan in order to stop him from signing everything overt Jude in his will, and its all actually going to come out to be a huge murder mystery. But that's just me. Very interesting to see some of the back ground. I can't wait to see what happens next!
4/23/2011 c2 EmmaWoodhouse88
Very interesting background so far. I can't wait to see what happens next! You definitely have my interest. :)
4/23/2011 c2 1Saoirse3473
very good! i like it a lot, Van is an awesome character, totally makes me laugh and smile :)

updates soon, yes?
4/20/2011 c1 mylittlePRINCESS
nice story update more please
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