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11/5/2011 c15 Beeni
this was good.

when will they both just give in?

so frustrating...
10/16/2011 c14 2renegade01
Totally don't like Hanna. And I really wish Charles wasn't Jude's father... Eww. ;)
10/16/2011 c14 1Susan Holt
Okies, I'll say it again cause I really like it... you did an excellent job with the dialogues in this chapter! I enjoyed reading them a lot! The teasing, funny and emotional one between Jude and Van and the cold, calculating and emotionless ones between Hanna and her lovers.

Seriously... this woman is like a sex vacuum when it comes to the Henri men! I bet if she had a chance to sleep with Gabriel as well, she would jump the gun in a nanossecond!

Also, all this sexual repression between Gabe and Jude is frustrating! You know me... :)
10/16/2011 c14 prplmum
Things are getting really interesting I'm loving the twists in this story.
10/15/2011 c13 Susan Holt
Oh dear! Two chapters so soon! You spoil us! Glad to see the laptop deal works now!

So, Hannah hasn't changed during the editing. LOL Not that I was really expecting her to. Every good story deserves a bad guy and this one has Hannah. I know there are probably more than one bad guys here, but she's a mom and yet she's ascting like this. I'd say she's the evilest of them all!

I've said it before but I will say it again... too bad Van didn't get to whoop her ass!

I like this improved Van too! And his interactions with Jude. I think you're doing an awesome job there. So, Charles thinks Jude is his? Poor bastard! Hahaha

I'm on Wattpad! You there as well?
10/13/2011 c12 prplmum
Interesting is Jude really Hanna's daughter or did Charles bribe her to say that, I'd love to see Gabriel/Van find love and feel loved after the childhood he had. I can't believe how cold and calculating the family is, who needs enemies with them around. Another great update can't wait for the next chapter.
10/13/2011 c12 Susan Holt
Oh my God! The drama!

The Henris are so fucked up! With family like this, who needs enemies! They would literally kill each other just for a few more thousands of bucks! I'm also curious about what Reginald is withholding from Gabriel about the adoption!

So, they slept together... I should be happy... after Greg's call I think I wanna kick Van's ass! I can understand his point of view though. By the way, you referred to Greg as Ralph a few times. Is that a surname or something?

Hannah, Hannah, Hannah... my 'favourite'! Will she still be a bitch from Hell in the edited version? Jude seemed to have accepted the news of her newfound mother quite unshocked and well.

Sorry to hear about your plan. *hug*
10/2/2011 c11 kathreen
this story is seriously sooo gooooood!

aaahhhh! the suspense of their true identity is killing me.. haha! hope you get to update soonest. :)
9/28/2011 c11 mylittlePRINCESS
can't wait to read more!
9/28/2011 c11 votum.is.lost
jdkgfewodrugvfhgeid. Oh my god. You are the most amazing human being on this planet. It sucks ass that you can't use the laptop as much as you want but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you for trying! This chapter was amazing. I can't even begin to explain. I liked the new sides of the characters and I like how you brought Sophia into the picture. I love how Jude sees her as a threat and the new side of Jude is fantastic as well. I wish Van was real. I genuinely do. He is such a sweethearted (no that's not a word) ass! I can not wait for the next chapter and although I understand the circumstances of your laptop PLEASE try to update soon. I love you to the point where some would consider it creepy. :DD
9/28/2011 c11 Susan Holt
Okies, I'm reviewing it like this, unsignined in, cause it says I've already reviewed this chapter!

Oh, my God! Catfight, catfight, catfight! Hahahahahaha

The new chapter was amazing. You're doing a good job editing so far.

Sophia sounds like a genuine, uptight, high maintenance bitch!

I kind of like her! Not more than Jude of course! God forbid!

I liked the jealous side of Jude, by the way... I would never think she would react like that! I'm glad she did too!

Van's thoughts while making out with Jude, are labeling him as an ass! However, I do get where he's coming from, so I can't really blame him! *runs to hide*

I like the new chapters and where these events take the couple from here on. Are the next chapters going to be the same as before?
9/26/2011 c11 3TheClosetWriter16
Nawww :(
9/26/2011 c11 crush311
it's alright but couldn't you borrow it for like 10 minutes?lol jk take your time:)
9/26/2011 c11 2renegade01
You're still awesome for trying so hard to get us the next chapter. It sucks about not having your own laptop. Thanks for letting us know. And don't fret about it, i'm sure we'll live. ;)
9/26/2011 c11 prplmum
Don't worry it can be frustrating but at least you were kind enough to post something up to let your fans know, I can't wait for the next update I am really enjoying this story. Thanks
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