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3/17/2012 c2 3zackatack7
Plot holes a little more serious than last chapter. After a Federal Agent gets kidnapped by a wanted figure, her first move upon escape shouldn't be to help a PI with a case. Ignoring the obvious move of using a police radio to call in backup to apprehend the criminal (solving the case in the meantime) makes it difficult to think of everything following as an excuse to develop character.
3/16/2012 c1 zackatack7
Good story. Lots of plot holes, but very few typos, and very entertaining on the whole.

Was looking for something Dresden-esque, and while it's a little rough, I certainly found it.
6/6/2011 c2 619Jave Harron
Okay, this is a rather rare series of yours, focusing on modern/near future times (and alternating between both) rather than a space opera or historical epoch. I am liking the continuity with your awesome Stein-verse (especially everyone's favorite Voodoo Villain). Keep up the good work.

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