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10/10/2013 c36 CountryMusic13
9/7/2013 c33 BooksandCountryMusic
Love the story! Read it all today and absolutely loved it! Please update this soon!
8/21/2013 c33 the vcg
I really like your story. I couldn't put it down and read it all in one sitting. Can't wait for the next update. Keep up the good work!
8/7/2013 c33 Countrymusic13
Please update soon!
5/31/2013 c2 Countrymusic13
Please update really soon! This is my favorite story...
5/21/2013 c31 1Amy90
wow, that's some drama now.
Hunter actually seems like a decent guy. Only, dumping Jessica that way was a bad move - I wonder what his explanation will be. He has to have an explanation, it wouldn't fit with his character if he really was so shallow. I mean, this guy even reads, doesn't he? :D

Anyway, Aiden's cute too. Too bad Sophia doesn't see him that way. But, well, she doesn't. They even kissed - and maybe Aiden isn't really crushing at her either since he never made another move after the kiss?
5/21/2013 c27 Amy90
I'm not sure about this Hunter right now.
I don't like that he smokes and drinks and even smokes weed. And even worse is that he encourages her to smoke and drink too. Maybe he even deals with drugs and that's why the other guys don't like him.
On the other hand he seems to really care for Sophia and sometimes he really behaves decently. I'm so not sure about him - but there isn't really any competition for him, is there? Aiden seems to have a big crush for Soph, but she clearly doesn't see him as anything else but a friend. She never looks at his body or thinks about his eyes or anything - so maybe he doesn't look that hot. Same goes for Dave.
So maybe Hunter will develop? Maybe he will give up the drugs and end up finding a goal for himself in life, maybe he will decide he wants further eduction or at least he wants to train as a cameraman at this production company or something like this? Except if his job is at a porn production... *giggle* - I don't know what to think right now. But there's still ,like 5 chapters left, so I'm curious what will happen in the next chapter. Will Sophia really have sex with him? Or will she chicken out in time? Which would be a good thing, I think, considering she's having second thoughts about it all the time and still isn't sure about Hunter. I think Hunter need to show his true colours first - and of course they have to be good ones. ;) So how will he react when she tells him she's not ready?
5/17/2013 c32 CountryMusic13
Can't wait for Sophia to talk to Hunter!
5/13/2013 c31 Countrymusic13
Great chapter and great writing! Please update soon!
4/29/2013 c30 Countrymusic13
Please update soon! Cliffhangers annoy me even though I do enjoy reading them, which is kind of awkward now that I think about it.
4/13/2013 c1 Countrymusic13
When are you going to update?
4/3/2013 c28 Countrymusic13
I dont really know what to say other than I LOVE THIS story so much so please update it as soon as you get a chance! :)
3/30/2013 c27 Countrymusic13
Update soon!
3/2/2013 c26 Countrymusic13
I hope she stays with Hunter... Aiden is pretty annoying...
2/22/2013 c6 5Whirlymerle
Sorry this took me such a long time to return. I’ve been incredibly busy recently. Anyway, I think you portray the reaction of a family to loss incredibly well. The balance of emotion and angst and tenderness was really well done. I’m glad that you have Toby in there as sort of a respite from the tragedy. I wish you could have given a bit more description of how the mom looked. I was a little confused whether she died from of physical a combination and emotional trauma, or whether she committed suicide.

I did get the sense she knew her end was coming near, since she told them to take care of each other, so that was good foreshadowing there.

[Like that we stayed for God knows how long, now orphans.] I thought this line was really powerful.
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