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5/12/2011 c3 Dreams-Landing
This is written pretty well, I like this a lot. and no I don't think christian is effeminate at all. This is really intriguing, what was joshua promised?

and a prompt? I guess, twilight, perhaps? or the cresent moon.

Keep up the great work and I can't wait for your next update!
5/9/2011 c3 nicolemegannn
really liked the chapter! liked how you had christian seeing the logic in sticking with people as much as possible. I'm a big fan of scary movies and it always annoys the hell outta me when the main character is attacked and then continues to go throughout the day by themselves when they can easily be attacked again with no witnesses, so thanks for that, haha, and update soon! =D
5/2/2011 c2 nicolemegannn
like the story so far! the blood loss is pretty accurate how you describe it, a couple years ago i was very much anemic, that thing you mentioned about the human body holding 15 units of blood, well, yeah, my doctors told me about that and i was down to 6.5 They were going to rush me into a blood tranfussion, but after a couple days on iron pills I was able to reach back to 7, so they didn't bother. but yeah, the feeling is horrible. aparently i was super anemic for months before i nearly passed out at a softball practice and was taken to the hospital for tests. i was always tired, pale, cold, and standing up took a good few seconds every time to stop my head from spinning. i'm on iron pills for the rest of my life, since my blood apparently dosen't know how to generate itself without them, but i'm at a good 12-13 units of blood now. =) anyways, just thought i'd share, because frankly, i'm a bit bored right now, and i'd just read your story and liked it. so yeah update soon! =)
4/27/2011 c1 4purple-wolf-howl
Keep writting! This story is very interesting & the mystery really pulls you in!
4/26/2011 c1 1Ichi89
This is really good Alla! here is the prompt I'm going to attempt to use but I thought it might be helpful to you too *shrugs*

Nothing could hold him back. Nothing, that is, except this...

anyways like I said love it!

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