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8/31/2021 c30 13DixieTanner19
And thankfully, Trump was defeated by Biden, who is somewhat better... Now for a long review! :)

The more "liberal" Democrats do more to address issues such as economic inequality, healthcare, etc. However, (no offense), I think that they do not go far enough left. They still compromise with Republicans, and efforts for much needed reform get neutered as a result. Also, they support big businesses, which dominate the economy and make it harder for smaller businesses to take root. Even worse is some Big Tech companies using underpaid labor workers in third world countries for producing goods. Neoliberalism has severe shortcomings, and is still a right-wing ideology on the global political scale from its reliance on capitalism. Overall, I do not vote for either party these days.

Being Christian and newly socialist, I have had lots of revelations of today's America. There is definitely a LOT of improvements to be done!

Feel free to message me.
4/24/2021 c31 642Dill Wilson
I'm more of a dog person myself but nice piece. I guess I missed the last few of your postings (maybe the notification didn't come through?) - I enjoyed the last few entries as well (the election, etc.).

I too have been greatly surprised by the number of people in my life (or in the outer circles, at least) who voted for the guy who lost in 2020 without a second thought.

To me, when we place our material and financial needs above our moral groundings, we are lost as a society - but that's just me.

Dill Wilson
11/6/2020 c30 Dill Wilson
I've only written a couple of overtly political (fiction) stories here although I sprinkle a few comments or observations here or there in some story lines. My father was a political reporter/columnist so I grew up in that environment and that keeps me politically aware and involved. I like to think I am moderate and I truly do believe in consensus building although I will fight for social justice and racial and sex equality until the cows come home. What has left me the most disillusioned in recent times is how little morals, ethics, values, character and behavior seem to matter in our current political culture. We are willing to excuse our politicians (of choice) from the same standards we hold most people in our personal lives to - disengaging from family members and friends who we feel have violated our trust or sense of moral appropriateness and yet excusing our political favorites for similar accountability. The morals, ethics, values, codes of conduct and behavior I learned in my upbringing, my military career, and my faith life no longer seem to matter so much because those attributes no longer seem to hold true in our political culture. My Catholic friends focus on one issue and are willing to sell their souls on all the other Faith teachings to get their way. My military mentors who taught me leadership ideals and core values forget about them in order to back a person who lacks all the virtues we were taught to emulate. In the end, I must stick to my own moral compass and sense of right and wrong - I try to avoid the bubble of staying in my own lane with like minded folks and listen to others but in the end I can't allow myself to be swayed by false prophets and hypocritical philosophies. Thanks for your insight on the topic.
2/24/2020 c28 Dill Wilson
Thanks for the insightful review and the interesting observations. Just the other day I was in a convenience store and the young lady said "There you go, Honey," and "Have a Nice Day, Babe" and while I wanted to laugh it actually felt nice to be seen as something other than just a bland customer. I think most who follow my stories can see that I believe that our childhood and adolescent experiences stay with us all of our lives - sometimes that makes us better adults (survival skills, sympathy for others, etc.) but - as I was telling someone - some of those hurts and haunts are always just below the surface and can come out (often triggered by some memory or experience) when we least expect it. But your story gives the rest of us hope - and your talent reminds us that Fiction Press can offer some of us moments of joy, entertainment, respite, satisfaction and a sense that we aren't alone (in our writing and in our dreams).
4/7/2016 c26 K
I'm always one to stand behind the concept of opportunism. That feeling of moral purity isn't necessarily a straight ladder to the top.
1/1/2016 c19 9Sjoorm
I'm going to presume that these are all life stories from various things that frustrate or confuse you in your part of the world? Continuing on from that, I would be deeply frustrated with a professor who laughed at me for trying to understand or work through his class better. Though you've made yourself stand out from the crowd, I don't think that should be seen as a bad thing. Rather, if people did not bring distinction (and, in some cases, ridicule) down upon them, we might never have gotten this far in our society. The rebels are the ones who gain us these things, not the meek sheep, remember that.

That being said, I am (by unanimous vote) terrible at all things math and algebra that don't include basic understandings of math. Unknown numbers frustrate me, infinitely, so I applaud you for your higher skill in math (compared to myself) and understand your frustrations when it comes to that same math.

In closing, professors suck.
9/27/2015 c26 642Dill Wilson
I'm a "few" years older than you so allow me the indulgence of an older perspective - when it's all said and done, happiness and contentment is all that really matters. All the other stuff is just draping. Follow your heart.
3/24/2015 c23 6French The Llama
I read all of these and I'm addicted. It's funny but without being smack funny, which is rare. Also, it feels like there's a purpose beyond the funniness, because they're always interesting and often thought-provoking, but I'm giggling half the time too. Love :D
1/12/2015 c21 4jobelle516
In my studies I had to read Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. This took my heart to Eyam, and if ever there were somewhere I could visit, it would be Eyam, Hopevalley, Derbyshire S32.

Make the most of the opportunities you are given. This you seem to be doing and I'm happy for you.

When you travel, resist the standard 'tourist' food courts and shops, step aside and look for the footsteps of the ordinary everyday folk. They are the moments when you'll really be stopping to smell the roses, and soak up the atmosphere of peace and quiet.
1/12/2015 c21 DutchAver
Welcome to Europe! Been to the UK a few times, but sadly I've never visited anything beyond London and Dover. Hoping to go to London some time this spring, though. Awesome that you're studying abroad!

Also, any chance that, apart from Spain, France or Denmark, you'll attend the Netherlands too? I'd love to meet you, if that's all right with you, of course. ;)
9/30/2014 c16 Kelery
Did you know that my daughter was about 10 years old when she copied parts of your story into one about her favorite characters? She was a fifth grader making up stories and sharing them with friends. I think she likely had no idea that what she made was being shared with anyone who had access. I'm not saying that what she did was right. It seems like she took down the story and I've never had reason to suspect a single plagiarized word since, but you were very immature in the way you handled it. A simple message notifying her that you can tell your work was copied and requesting that it be removed was all you had to do. Instead you decided to swear at and threaten a child. Bravo.

"Or maybe I'll contact the Elizabeth Arden perfume company and tell them know you plagiarized a line from their perfume ad in your "original" severswift story and have big corporate lawyers after your **. Either way, **'s going down if you keep copying my work."

Lovely words for a 10 year old girl to receive. There are better ways to confront those who plagiarize than threatening them and sending passive aggressive messages. This is the internet, you don't know who you are talking to so next time be more discerning with your words.
7/14/2014 c20 642Dill Wilson
Because you were in a nightclub with other people around perhaps self-consciously you knew there was a safety net. If he ignored your request and continued his quest you could always make a scene and attract the attention of others in the room. Had this been at some house party and you were dancing alone with him in the cellar perhaps you would have had less of a safety net. I am sure there are those who will read this piece and not think to highly of you for whatever (judgmental or stereotypical) reasons they come up with but your honesty is striking and your writing real. And you raise good questions to ponder.
5/3/2014 c17 4jobelle516
A fellow fan fic friend, he wrote a great love story. And then so many years later, met the love of his life. Weird! But it was very nice.
5/3/2014 c16 jobelle516
I won't look for me, anymore. So did the person take your story down, the one they pretended was theirs? How stupid are they?

I love most, your number three to plagiarizers. Not only do they need to look out for Karma, but the Author lurking behind the lamp post or in the dark corner.

I'm enjoying these little essays. Where do I find a copy of BDTR?
5/3/2014 c1 jobelle516
Team Albert. I totally dig intelligent guyz. As for Teacher who had me under his spell? Hmm, my Religious Education teacher. He is what we thought was gay, in that he dressed impeccably nice and gentlemanly, but had a lispy sort of voice. I adored him, and would argue, just to engage his wrath. His argument I received, unfortunately though, never his wrath.

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