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for The Bestiary of Fabled Friends and Families

5/19/2011 c3 PJ Draft
I love the idea of this poem collection. :) I particularly loved the second one "Voice.
5/16/2011 c3 GoneAway-MightNotBeReturning
Gosh, don't you hate it when you 'drift' away from friends, or you just can't make up after a fight or something.

Sorry about the tangent. It's just cause this brought back the memories of a friend I recently had a fight with, and yeah, our friendship was pretty much amazing while it lasted.

So, in conclusion, Kudos to you Romancer Dane, for sketching out pastiches of these characters so beautifully. Hope you continue this series.

5/16/2011 c2 GoneAway-MightNotBeReturning
Again, love your prose and poetry; plus, of course, everyone knows a "the voice". I'm amazed how you describe such familiar characters in so little words and with such poetry.


5/16/2011 c1 GoneAway-MightNotBeReturning
Title - I love it, the alliteration of friends and family and fabled, the use of the word bestiary, which is in my opinion, utterly poetic, and the way, when you say it, everything seems to flow together.

About your story - really innovative and simple yet effective. You draw out a couple of words to sketch an intricate character, despite the fact that I am sure that everyone who reads this must now a Mr Confused

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