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12/7/2015 c19 2Nalene
Oh GOD I thought this was DONE.
Why oh why did I think it was DONE?
Okay, this is not your fault, but I don't read stories that aren't complete. I mean, I don't anymore. But I guess "anymore" has been temporarily suspended because gahhh this story gah.
Though I guess I really shouldn't be talking. Me, the person who hasn't updated her own story in more than two years.
Anyway, I initially read your one-shot, Baby We're So Close, which is also amaze-balls by the way and totally adorable. When I started reading this, it was hilarious and cute, but I didn't expect much, I suppose. At least by way of the emotional roller coaster it turned out to be.
I kind of love and am simultaneously frustrated with Addison. But I understand these flaws are a part of her character, and I admire your writing of her portrayal. She's just awfully, painfully dense sometimes. Kalen and Mario are, of course, gigantic teddy bears and I just want to hug the both of them to death.
I especially like how you don't oversimplify any of the characters, like a lot of people on FP (and other writing sites) tend to do. Sonya seems to be more than just the typical mean girlfriend (at least, I hope). Russell is not at all a dumb jock/bully. Lillian is not the evil step-mother. Out of all of them, actually, I'm most fascinated by Lillian. I really feel for her and, I know people are probably thinking badly about her now, but I feel her reactions are totally justified. The part of me that has always hated the way therapists/psychologists are portrayed in books and films really wants to root for her. Personally, if it were me, I would not have put up with Addison's treatment for that many years with that much patience. I'm glad Lillian is starting to speak up now, though I really wish she didn't have to start to involve Kalen the way she did.
Ah well. I get what you said about how she isn't supposed to be perfect, either.
But oh goodness, I'm just still so aggravated with Addison at the moment.
In a good way, though, at least I think. Just...keep doing what you're doing. (Plus maybe updating, if that isn't asking too much? I hate to turn into one of THOSE reviewers but by God, it's killing me!) Been enjoying the read so far.
10/12/2015 c19 5mysterygirl450
Amazing story! I loved it!
9/30/2015 c19 CaitlinEA
Addy annoys me so much -.-
7/11/2015 c19 1Phoenix999
OMGGGGGGGGG I love this story to death! I'm so excited to see how this ends. I don't get Lillian, she like nice and evil at the same time...-confused _ But the plot/character development is great!
7/10/2015 c19 Deliciouslyfamouschaos
THIS IS AMAZING! read it all
In one go and I really can't wait for the update! So happy for mario and Amelia
Good job
7/10/2015 c19 5butterbar
7/10/2015 c19 Guest
Still the best story ever
6/27/2015 c18 CaitlinEA
What? Aaaaahhhh, you can't just leave a cliffhanger like that? What, does Lillian's water break prematurely? Omg, update soon please!
6/27/2015 c18 Clara
Really? A cliff hanger? Of course. Really great by the way! Mario is just awesome- and so are Kalen and Addison. How do you even pronounce Kalen? Not to be offensive, but it's a really different name so I'm just guessing... Please update soon! I absolutely adore this!
6/27/2015 c18 butterbar
Oh my! Please update soon!
6/15/2015 c17 CaitlinEA
Omg! Big smiley 's what you meant about Amelia and Mario! Laughing face emoji. She's who he was texting, isn't she! OMG, so happy for them! Really want to know how that came about though, lol. Like whether she texted him first, or if he texted her first, or if they randomly bumped into each somewhere and got to talking. Big smiley emoji. Shame about breakfast, though. Sigh emoji. I'm excited to see how dinner goes. Smiley emoji. And omg, yes! Kalen knows! I can't wait to see how their relationship goes! Heart eyes smiley emoji. I forgot, but does Kalen know Addy's first name yet? And is Lil having a boy or girl? I really hope Addy sticks around after high school when the baby comes. Sigh emoji. Can't wait for the next update! Kissy face emoji.
6/12/2015 c17 butterbar
Oh my goodness. He knows. He freaking knows! AND HE'S ALL SMILEY SMILEY ABOUT IT. Oh my. KALEN KNOWS!

*screams internally*

And Mario's all smiley smiley about a girl (my hunch) too! I think it's Amelia. I "hope" it's Amelia!

I totally loved this chapter! Please update soon! :D
6/12/2015 c17 3KimberleyStrawberryMacarons
Building up ae... :D
i wuz pretty surprised when Addison asked her dad and lillian who she hates so much if they could go out to dinner... :)
shes getting there slowly :))
please update soon!:D
6/7/2015 c16 2I-am-happy
6/7/2015 c15 I-am-happy
*dying* WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. AHHHA. *goes to read more*
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