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8/26/2019 c1 Guest
I feel bad for Quade. Wish he could have been projected as her imaginary boyfriend. I think no one should be used by others. People are to be loved things are to be used. Using Quade as diversion is wrong on her side.
9/24/2017 c1 Guest
too cute! I love the message about the best bits - awfully sweet and romantic.
1/27/2015 c1 Wednesdayisnotfullofwoe
Not much to say other than just as top notch as your other work. I'm not really sure why I haven't reviewed this, but I've loved it for a long time.
5/9/2014 c1 Fangalitious
Okay, I know I've probably freaked out about this and all your other oneshots a few too many times, but I just can't help it: I love the quirky romance! Regardless of how many times I read these stories, I keep coming back and continue getting new things out of it. I can't wait to see what you do next! Write more soon!
11/30/2013 c1 23chimerica
Ze link does not work! :'( But the fluff!
11/14/2013 c1 71AlysonSerenaStone
I was in the mood for some fluff and I found some. I am trying to write my own story to a ADoR prompt and this is far better than anything I can ever hope to come up with. Great work! This story is well worth the read!
4/12/2013 c1 yay
The four year old doll thing is really cute.
3/31/2013 c1 glowingstar101
1/27/2013 c1 color outside the lines
This is wonderful. It's stories like this that make me wish I had a boy best friend! I love every single word in this one-shot. I'm not kidding when I say I fell in love with these two. Why the flippers aren't you published! And I just love how long you have been with FictionPress. It makes me so happy to know people have stuck with it for this long! Have you ever considered being a Bets reader? With your help there would be so many other great stories out there! The little girl story with the doll heads was weird but cute at the same time! You are a fantastic writer! This is going on my favorite list for sure. :)
1/19/2013 c1 2fairydustillusion

I have no idea how you even do this. It's a ONE-SHOT, dang it, I don't even know why I'm so emotionally attached to the characters. In fact, this happens in every single piece that you write. Why aren't you published yet?
1/13/2013 c1 HeadOverHeelsInHate
Awww! So freaking cute! I love the blanking bit. Awesome!
1/8/2013 c1 The.Spotless.Giraffe
Thus is amazing. Point. Blank. Period.
12/23/2012 c1 9AKhwab
I am a fan of your writing.
11/29/2012 c1 heal me forever
wow dat was GOOOD i love him awwwww
10/22/2012 c1 toffeema
Gosh, I LOVE your stories! Thank You for all your writing!
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