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for Eli's Coming

6/19/2011 c1 4illogicalThinker
O.O... YAY!
5/28/2011 c1 3Rosemarysgraden001
Thats really freaky and poor Tommy having that gift. Its not bad so far!

I like the characters and the plot is nice.

5/27/2011 c1 1Souffle Girl
Ooh, creepy. This was a nice, simple story, but it was still a good one. I really enjoyed reading it! Even though I knew that it was going to end with some horrible world-ending prophecy, I didn't guess the exact nature of it. I like that it was scientific, as opposed to some mystical/apocalyptic thing, as I was guessing.

Oh, and I didn't see any grammar or spelling errors, so well done!

Good job! :)

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