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8/15/2011 c12 Katy
So fluffy and cute! I can't wait for you to update!
8/15/2011 c12 VampireSarah
I can't believe Luke would just ignore Hayley like that. I hope he'll ring her or something. Please update soon
8/15/2011 c12 7Damaged-and-Dangerous
Is this story done? I mean, it seems like it, but Im not sure.

8/8/2011 c11 2ElenaxoxoSilber
so, so sad :[ i can't believe he's gone! was this the last chapter? i hope not :[ I hope he comes back one day! Poor Hayley :p
8/7/2011 c11 VampireSarah
Cant believe that Luke has gone :'( I wish he could have stayed at Hayleys house. Great chapter please update soon
7/27/2011 c10 VampireSarah
Cliffhanger! No no no they cannot be split up :'( *crys* let Luke stay Update soon :)
7/8/2011 c9 VampireSarah
Great chapter :) Luke and Hayley best not split up there a cute couple and I wonder why there moving? I just hope Luke and Hayey stay together :)
6/10/2011 c8 ElenaxoxoSilber
I'm really chomping at the bit to figure out what Luke's hiding from Hayley! So excited to find out. And I can't believe he pulled away :[ they're bff's they should do whateva they want ;] but really, this story's beautiful! I love it so much. THe only thing i find weird on here is that they're both 15. I mean i think they should be older but hey, that's not my decision, it's yours. Otherwise than that, good story!
6/10/2011 c8 VampireSarah
Wow amazing as always! :)and thanks for dedicateing to me :D
6/9/2011 c7 VampireSarah
yay there back together! :) really good chapter :D
6/8/2011 c6 VampireSarah
Really good :) your talented writer :)
6/5/2011 c4 VampireSarah
omg! so sweet :) need more :)
6/1/2011 c4 Alexandria Collins
Not bad,

but add more detail into the descriptions! (:

I like it so far!

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