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8/29/2011 c7 6Courage of Billy Batson
ZOMG! Is the party gonna be where Robby gets drunk and tells everyone that he's in love with Erin sparking the events of the prologue?

Yeah, I need to stop guessing what's gonna happen…

WOW this story is depressing. But NOT as depressing as the lion king which for some reason made me want to cry!

So yeah now that I've read seventeen chapters u have 2 read one thousand word chapter! Wow that deal is so fair xD

Well now I'm gonna actually gonna try 2 sleep, so…
8/29/2011 c4 Courage of Billy Batson
I'm sorry. I was just reading this and my little perverted mind turned Keith doing things to Carter to doing THINGS to Carter.

Sigh… I really have a problem xD
8/29/2011 c3 Courage of Billy Batson
Ok, I honestly don't know why, but when I read that part about her father being all HOLD ON! it made me go AWWWW

Which probably isn't a good thing, cuz my parents think I'm asleep…
8/28/2011 c7 Nijello
But the poor girl HATES parties, whatever will she do?
7/20/2011 c4 1Lucas Strongheart
Ohhh! Very exciting and dramatic. I really like it a lot. Keep on going with writing your story. By the way, this is Fiction Fan if you forgot. I also like the little scene at BlueRock. I just like it it all.
7/7/2011 c2 Fiction Fan
I like the Prologue and how you left the readers with a cliffhanger. It sounds really good. For the first chapter, I probably won't be first in the relay race, just saying even though i have taken swim lessons. But, anyways, I like how the main character zones out to tell us about herself a little bit and then she gets interrupted because of what is happening.
7/7/2011 c6 Nijello
Ah! Cute, but risky, I would have mowed him down and snatched up the paper before going 'sorry, just wanted to see what it was' and then pocketed it. I'm wierd like that. I loved it, I truely did, and I've been waited hours for you to update, thank you so much (hours, was like months!). Thank you for helping me out with the competion as well!
6/10/2011 c4 Nijello
LOL Carter had a 5 wedged between his name.
6/4/2011 c3 Nijello
Oh crap!
5/30/2011 c2 2miaaa
hehe really good! update soon! :')
5/29/2011 c2 Nijello
I loved the beginning, it was funny. Nice to know you've started a story with less supernatural stuff in (but if you've seen mine they all have to have something crazy going on) and I really, really like it. Guess what tho? I'm going to this totally cool grammer school and I'm getting out of angley, which is crap! Yay! I call the school Victor, its a girls skool, and it will remain that to me. I'm going there with one of my best friends. Epp! Keep up the great work, k?
5/28/2011 c1 Anna
Ooh! This sounds interesting! When's the chapter coming out?

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