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6/15/2013 c4 4Arethusa Cyberia
Pot comes in different FLAVORS? No shit? LOL

I like this, Katy. Keep going. :)
4/4/2013 c4 4GrangerDanger333
This is really good! You must continue! Well, it would be really nice if you did :D
Aaahhhh Luke.. This has such potential... :)
10/18/2012 c4 25ConfigurationSpace
I am really into this story. You've managed to subtly integrate an interesting narrative in only four chapters, so I can only imagine how much more amazing it could become, given the chance to grow. Also, the information you do and don't choose to provide regarding characters and their interactions with each other really helps to develop them and adds suspense to the storyline, which I enjoy. Great job so far!
10/14/2012 c4 krlsen
9/23/2012 c4 Guest
I'm not an user here, and this is the first time I bother to leave a comment. But I had to, because this story is really good. Realistic and insteresting. I hope you can continue it. I can't wait for more.
9/11/2012 c4 25RoughDraftHero
Maybe I can bug you into updating this?

I'm calling on the we've-been-in-the-same-forum-for-years card.
4/10/2012 c4 12eafggdsg
Loving this story! Ahh Eli is so nervous! Too cute. Luke seems good for him - makes him loosen up a bit. Terry is kind of an asshole though - seems like all he does is treat Eli like shit until he needs something. But he's a pretty interesting guy and it'll be fun to see what happens with their relationship! Meh, Luke is still better for Eli though. ;) Can't wait to see how their relationship develops. I really hope you haven't given up on this story because I'm hooked. Keep up the good work and update soon - I can't wait for the next chapter! :)
3/10/2012 c4 Guest
Hi. I'm not sure if you appreciate anonymous reviews but iere goes. I really like your story. I feel like you're still fleshing the characters out so that may be why we don't know much about them (or maybe it's to emphasize how the main character is isolated from them in a way) I really hope you continue writing it though. It's a good story.
2/2/2012 c1 Tinyyellowboxes
Wow, This is just the sort of story I've been looking for. Kind of subtle yet powerful. You've got such great characters and a style that fits. I'm really impressed. I can't wait for more.
2/2/2012 c4 1thelastfloorup
Really great beginning. I love the characterization, and I personally have always been a fan of a lot of characters. It makes things seem real. Excited for more.
12/30/2011 c4 23plumblossom
I am so glad to see another of your stories.

I like these people - they're sort of lost, but they're not whining about it: even though Eli's crying in the first scene, he's actually pretty stoic. I think I have an idea where it's going - but I'm suspicious that whatever happens, I'll be surprised.
12/23/2011 c4 3Astir-Lewis
I really do love this story, feels mad organic (no pun intended lol) but please continue to write it :D
12/19/2011 c4 Anon
Thanks for updating this! Sorry to hear about your problems with fictionpress - hope they're resolved somehow. Great chapter, I'm looking forward to reading more!
12/11/2011 c4 botte
Love the feeling of this story. Can't wait for the next chapter!
12/10/2011 c4 3MyLifeSoundtrack
Don't be lonely! I love this story and I love this chapter. I really do admire the whimsical feel that this story has to it to, like it's effortless or something even though I know that it probably isn't.

I love Luke's character. I really do.

I hope you update again soon.
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