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10/15/2012 c1 Guest
good job.
10/3/2006 c1 9EroMaru
I think it would make a really good rock song. I like to sing it!Love&PeaceHateshi
9/27/2005 c1 Pure Autumn
5/15/2001 c1 David Williams
It was good. It had a few places that were confusing due to the fact that I couldn't tell whether the bruises that were afor mentioned were physical or mental.

Generally, it had a feel of longing for someone whom you know is not good for you, yet you chase along anyway promising yourself that they'll change. While secretly you know that they never will...
5/13/2001 c1 xROCKstar
YaYYYY Danni! coolness to Roswell! - Jennah~Bennah
5/9/2001 c1 5Pretty Waste
Aw, good.
8/18/2000 c1 Steph
whoa. that was good. ~claps~
7/2/2000 c1 159Heather Goldbug
Wow...very good. At the beginning, you said "you see", but I think it looks a little strange there. But other than that, it was very, very good.

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