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for Lilly Happened

12/22/2011 c2 1atomic-pocket-watch
even though it's only two chapters long i'm liking this story so far :) please update soon, i'd love to see where this is going :D
6/14/2011 c2 2The.Violent.Spazz
Can't wait for the next chapter! xD
6/5/2011 c2 4White Alchemist
I feel pity. I can be friends with her! :) heehee.
6/5/2011 c1 White Alchemist
Her mother's so cruel, but I like the drama.
6/5/2011 c2 4grayandme4ever
i'm really liking this. i like lily's character. there's just something about her that makes me like her. anyways, great job. i can't wait to read more.

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