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7/26/2012 c10 1Sparrowdaugther
Jared is freaking me out! I do not like him still and Gage is seriously pissing me off. I hope the story isn't over, I'd just die! I love it still and can't wait to read more.
10/31/2011 c10 madness is contagious
Aw she still cares about him, even if she "hates" him. Can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon please.
10/31/2011 c10 Lover I Don't Have To Love
Okay that phone call was shady but it doesn't mean Jared's behind the break in. Right? Maybe the guy on the phone is just a bookie? I hope that Gage and Hayden will get a chance to talk before she goes to see her dad.

Update soon.
10/30/2011 c10 17Lady of romance world88
Hi there. Aww Patch is so cute name for a kitten. I want one of my own unfortunately my mum dislike cats at all :( Yeah I do love dogs and cats :D OMG! Who is that mystery caller to Hayden about Jaden? And why? I am glad that Lukas offer Hayden to stay at his place for awhile. Yay! :D Hope that Gage and Hayden sort out together soon. Hurry update soon and keep writing. Can't wait to read the next chapters of this story. Please update soon and take your time. No rush :) PS Can you read my new story thats call, My Princess and My Bride whenever you have time please? Thanks :)
10/29/2011 c10 3StaNdUPtomE
So sweet... I wonder who they are after...
10/28/2011 c10 Lyrical88
Ok well I think Jared has something to do with the break-in at her uncle's house. And that phone call... Well that just adds to my suspicions. Yup.

Now that Gage is back are they going to talk? Because it seems like he wanted to say something when she was telling him about Joshua. I can't wait for the next chapter, I can tell something exciting is going to happen.
10/28/2011 c10 2reliving the future
Dude! Gage is back, 'tis awesome. Awesome I say! Now he just has to come clean about Mariana and their engagement and everything will be awesomer. Yes I know that's not a word so shhh.

My poor Jared. Why must he be the creepy one? Why couldn't it be Sean? Oooo that's a good idea... Oh and what's with the dude asking for money, did I come up with that? I can't remember.
10/28/2011 c10 Lyssa50
See! That's exactly what I was talking about. Creepy dudes are calling Jared and demanding money. Something's not right with that one.

Yay! Gage is back, he didn't beg for forgiveness but I guess it's okay since he's back. I suppose they're going to visit her dad in the next chapter? I'm a little nervous to see what happens, cause he doesn't sound like a nice person.

Anyway update soon please.
10/27/2011 c10 mylittleprincess
can't wait for next chapter.
10/3/2011 c9 1Sparrowdaugther
I'm surprised Jared didn't like rape her or something. The last part confused me but I think that she was awake, right?

I'm so glad that Gage is back, I was beginning to get severly worried. This story isn't over is it?

Loyal reader,

9/27/2011 c9 mihaela
please update again soon
9/27/2011 c9 my infectious smile
Was she dreaming? I can't wait to see!

And Jared is a creeper. I hope Hayden listens to that nagging feeling.
9/22/2011 c9 madness is contagious
No I'm still convinced that Jared's trouble. He doesn't know where the car rental place is? That's highly suspect. Of course I like Gage more so it doesn't matter what Jared does, I'll still choose Gage. Lol.

Speaking of Gage he really was there right? Come to beg, and plead, and grovel for forgiveness? If it wasn't, he'd better get there by the time she wakes up.

Update please.
9/22/2011 c9 2reliving the future
Finally! I've been telling you for ever to update. Hey,stop telling everyone that my guy's the dodgy one. I think Gage is the one that is hiding something. *cough* Mariana and Janelle *cough*

You do remember them don't you? :P I'll send you my ideas for the next chapter tomorrow, ahorita I'm going to sleep.
9/22/2011 c9 Lover I Don't Have To Love
Really everyone thinks he's up to no good? Hmm he has yet to do anything bad. It could just be coincidence.

Oh my gosh please please please let that really be Gage. I feel like Hayden's going to need him when she goes to see her dad.

Update ASAP please.
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