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11/5/2011 c20 ladyartemis39
All authors get the giddy feeling when they see a review.

No chapter of this is terrible. I'm reading it on kindle because my little brother won't let me on the computer and I really wanted to finish it.
10/30/2011 c26 lexielight
i don't think i need to compliment you. i think you already get a lot of those. just want you to know that i can't wait for the sequel. i like what you wrote and i'm a big fan. xoxoxo
10/29/2011 c4 1Shelbator
awesome story i truly really do like ittt:)
10/29/2011 c26 1the unbirthday girl
I'm not a stalker! I just love your story, and typing...and I get bored. So yeah.
10/29/2011 c26 13the ticking clock
aaw, thanks. you're awesome too!

can't wait for the sequal!
10/29/2011 c25 Hestia14
I have loved this story from beginning to end and I am sorry I have not reviewed earlier. Reason being is that I use fanfiction more than fictionpress and it took me a while just to review on fanfiction.

Well anyways, I loved Mia and my favorite scene had to be the battle at the end. Not sure about the whole Henry and Mia thing because I generally don't like it when people pair Artemis with someone but that is my own opinion. I loved how you added all the humor into this and it was really clever and quick witted.

I just read your a/n and I can not wait for the next addition in the trilogy!

Thanks for the story!
10/28/2011 c26 Sasquatch818
Duuuude, when I found my name on the people you mentioned I smiled real big:DDD Thanks so much for writing and making me the mostess happiess personess in the world when I read in my e-mail there was another amazing chapter to your AMAZING book! I am POSITIVE I will read the All the books you continue this one with, I swear, I loved this book and will for a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME. Thanks for making my life better!
10/28/2011 c26 5FaerieNinja
Oh my gosh! Thank you for making it a trilogy, and thank you so much for mentioning me! I' m blushing; you just made my week!
10/28/2011 c25 Sasquatch818
Ahhhhhh! I was like it cant be over! I swear I was crying, then I read 'It's only the begining' and I swear I freaked! I'm so friggen exited to read whatever thats coming next, please write again soon:D
10/28/2011 c25 1the unbirthday girl
You're going to leave us hanging, aren't you? Oh, well. I have time to read the changes in the first 13 chapters now. I sense a sequel! Yay! Fave scene...um, that would have o be the war game, when Artemis and Hermes kissed. I don't know whether to call them Artemis and Hermes or Mia and Henri. Fave character? Well, the Fridge Goblin probably doesn't count. So Henri/Hermes. :D Fave pairing? Take a wild guess. If you can't come up with anything, see favorite scene above and THEN guess. I like this too much to have any least faves. Except for least fave pairing. I would have to say Eros and Mia/Artemis, because it sort of seemed like the story leaned in that direction in the beginning. I happily say that it did not.:D Epilogue was great, especially since I was kind of wondering about those guys...

Have Fun Writing the Sequel!(Notice my subtle way of begging for a sequel.)
10/28/2011 c25 Lea Smyth
whoa, whoa! That was ended abruptly, but I'm glad that you have more in store; I like -no, love!- this story. I know that isn't really constructive to your writing, but I just had to say it. I enjoyed reading this because of the tight dialogue, and the good humor; plus your ability to make each character unique even when their personalities in the myths have been spelled out.

Favorite would have to all the guys, and of course Mia. Least favorite character was Phe; she's such a flirt and the scene with Eric? Yuck! But I understand it. Favorite scene is the Fridge Goblin and Alex hiding in the cupboard; that was great.
10/28/2011 c25 5FaerieNinja
I love your story! Please continue it longer, me and one of my friends subscribed and read it as soon as we get the email!
10/28/2011 c25 2TimberWolf101
you are still continuing right? right? right? right?
10/28/2011 c25 13the ticking clock
WOW! this story was absuloutly amazing! I love this last chapter...unbelievable. My favorite character had to be either Artemis or Hermes...or maybe even Apollo. I loved the demigods as well, even though they weren't in the story much. wow. an amazing job. you should be proud! do you have a sequal planned? It seems like it! can't wait to read more from you!
10/28/2011 c25 1Princess Selina
Wow I loved it, you are a very talented writer, in my opinion you could get this published, I loved every bit of it. I loved Alex, he's so funny and it I loved how you portrayed him. My least favourite character was probably Haden and Po, you didn't develop them enough and you never really talked much about Deanna either, I can't even remember any specific mentions of her being Demeter or anything relating much to her powers. I loved all the scenes Henri and Alex pulling pranks, they remind me of the Weasely Twins. Also I loved Henri and Mia's relationship, they were good together and I love how she doesn't want to be with him sometimes and yet she is so comfortable around him and gets a kick out of messing with his head, knowing that'll catch her when she falls. Although I found Zach and Helena's relationship slightly awkward, you didn't develop enough before you showed them attacking each other filled with lust, it was slightly awkward to read.

Sorry for the criticism but honestly I do love it

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