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5/21/2012 c5 58SettleThePetals
I love how you draw it all together with the last line. Very powerful.
5/7/2012 c8 True Talker
Sad yet hopeful. This had made me think and thank you for sharing this.
5/7/2012 c7 True Talker
This is amazingly sweet and thank you for sharing this with me.
5/7/2012 c6 True Talker
This had made me think.
5/7/2012 c5 True Talker
This had made me think.
5/7/2012 c4 True Talker
This is a sweet thought thank you for sharing this.
5/7/2012 c3 True Talker
Sad at first I was thinking of a skittles commercial and then I was sad.
5/7/2012 c2 True Talker
This is sweet and it is written quite well. Thank you for sharing this.
5/7/2012 c1 True Talker
Thank you for sharing this.
2/14/2012 c3 recycle rhymes
I love the metaphor and imagery in this chapter, well written!
9/9/2011 c6 Sepulchred
I refused to review the previous few chapters, because all I'd be doing is repeating myself again, which I seem to be doing a lot lately. I like how your pillow book has got a theme.
9/9/2011 c2 Sepulchred
'Yet, she showered you with Skittles and drenched you in raspberry velvet, while always softly humming lullabies of cinnamon to the moon.'

Now, seriously, this is ridiculous. Where do you get these lines from? What creature are you? I'm jealous.
9/9/2011 c1 Sepulchred
I don't care, I'm reviewing anyway. You've always got such beautiful imagery and I always feel the need to point that out. Just one thing: 'nothing else can' goes better with the tense you've used.
7/27/2011 c4 7Cecelia Hawk
I really like this. It's a ray of sunshine for me. I'm glad you can accept yourself and that you are experiencing joy. I hope it continues. I too am trying to accept myself and I think that it's going well.
6/20/2011 c1 1TakenbytheWind
This is lovely.
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