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4/4/2021 c2 Guest
soooooo good
8/16/2020 c1 brinda.ale
Read it few years back and came back just to reread it
It’s so well written and the story is just heartwarming
One of the best two-shots ever
Shout out for our oblivious hero and heroine
4/20/2020 c2 ShioriTakahara
That was sooooooooooo cute:)
6/3/2019 c2 2stunningaurora
aweeee! it's so cutee! love how it's a 2-shot so it's not toooo long... it seems pretty long but IT'S FREAKING WORTH IT OMGGG!~
7/8/2018 c2 13Shailaputri
You really wrote it in a smooth way..nice
6/23/2018 c2 Guest
Adoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaable! Absolutely loved it :)
5/9/2017 c2 4F.H.W
Squeeeeeeeee omgomgomgomg my heart cannot... urgh.. *dies from fluff*
11/10/2015 c2 Angel Princess31
I still love this story so much .
8/21/2015 c2 6Angel Princess 31
6/1/2015 c2 brinda.ale
Hey, i like your one-shot or should i say two-shot so much, i have read this so many times i have lost counts but still whenever i read this it gives me such joy that kinda makes my day, great plot, great story whatever you prefer
5/22/2015 c2 Guest
Omg. The feels. I love the falling in love with bf's stories. 3
4/4/2015 c2 guest
So adorable :-)
2/15/2015 c2 Guest
2/13/2015 c2 Be-U-tiful
Oh gosh cuteness overload! Hahaha I loved this :)
10/19/2013 c2 4Princess Wanderer
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