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1/17/2014 c7 Th red archer
That is such an ironic thing I was listening to linkin park
4/21/2013 c12 ARulzz
Good God! Are you insane? You've got 51 reviews for 12 chapters! You little monster, c'mon finish this story. You have 14 favs, 16 followers. I'm telling you you are insane if you are putting this story on hiatus. Come on finish it up. So next time I check out your profile you MUST have updated this story, 'kay? Bye. See ya later!

10/2/2012 c13 Guest
9/4/2012 c13 Guest
Ummm, are you gonaa keep on writing this story ? I really love it and I love how you write ! I hope you are inspired enough to keep on writing this story ! I love it :)
8/10/2012 c13 Guest
Awww, PLEASE, keep on writing this story. I love it ! This story is so good ! I hope you keep writing (:
7/7/2012 c13 ARulzz
I could kill u, u know tht? this is such a nice story. I was so curious 2 kno2 the ending. did u know tht the second time I tried to read this story & when i couldn't find it, I almost cried? plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz write it's continuation. I would love 2 read its ending as a preci but it would be more fun if I could read it slowly and all. U know? if the ending comes too fast or too slow, we'll hate it but if it's right, we'll luv it. I luv ur story. I haven't even removed it from my alert list. Actually I used to check for this story's update for months(I didn't know how to add it to alerts). Plz continue with this story. U would get a lots of reviews, I assure u. GooD-LucK! 3
6/1/2012 c13 Bubble
This story needs a lot of improving and work. The characters are undefined and confusing. Why does amanda keep getting so angry at Luke? It doesn't really make much sense. And why is Luke looked so down upon as a male? Not all boys are hormone driven. Your characters need some definite improving.

But then again, your grammar is pretty good except for some typos and comma use. Good luck with further chapters and I hope you update.
5/25/2012 c2 For A Dream
Your heroine has a great voice that comes through in the writing. There's no punctuation, or grammar mistakes and it's generally very clean. I myself often makes lots of mistakes.

You're off at an interesting start, although characterisation wise just be careful that Amanda doesn't fall into the trap of being overly-sarcastic.

Luke seems like a great guy, but maybe Amanda is being too mean which I don't think Luke deserves yet.

Lots of promise so far!
5/25/2012 c1 For A Dream
Hey there!

You wanted me to have a look so here I am :)

I'm not really sure if you need the introduction to be honest, I think you could just straight into the story.

But if you do want to keep it, normally when you're saying someone's age, I think the proper convention is to spell it out. E.g. sixteen-years-old.

Much more of a hassle, I agree :)
5/19/2012 c13 7Read.Act.Sing.Swim
Awww! I've been waiting for this to finish! I wanted to see what would Happen!
5/19/2012 c3 jack and jill
Seriously, like what is wrong with the middle name "Sylvia"?

Well, as for your grammar, it's just ok. You could use commas, though.
5/18/2012 c12 Derryn
this is so amazing! everyone should read this! brilliant grammar and punctuation! :D xxx
5/16/2012 c2 Pauline
I love it, it will be funny :D
5/15/2012 c4 2love-peace-hugs
I started reading this and I think it's pretty interesting. Your main male character may be called Luke but he's so different from mine. Mainly the fact that Amanda hates him and my main character doesn't hate my Luke haha. I'm going to read more now and I'll tell you how I think about the rest of the chapters :3
5/14/2012 c12 7hotcheri
Interesting chapter! I wonder who she's gonna end up with... Paul seems a little too smarmy for my liking lol. Oh, its weird that I chose Chace Crawford to portray Ryder in my new story! Lol
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