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7/19/2011 c1 145DarkShadow2012
if i really wanted to say all that i want to say, it would take more than this little box to contain it all.

but to allow one to keep their sanity ill keep this short.

Coming from someone like myself, i can honestly say im a loser too. i dont have a life and i dont have that many friends to talk openly to. i gotz no one. aside from that, i wish i could feel what you feel just so that you wouldnt. you know, ease some of it off of you. people like "her" simply dont get it. As my dad would say, "they walk around like their shit dont stink." fact is though, the world is full of them. we just got to tolerate em as much as we want them to ** off. Life's a bitch but sooner or later, it'll be worth living. believe me, i got a shit load of problems plus a secret thats eatting me inside but im trying.

Me and you. We just got to keep on fighting.

You'll see.

6/27/2011 c1 6Natalie Field
I'll start by focusing on the writing on this first. Wow. Raw. Very nicely done. Yes, it has grammar issues, but that's to be expected since you probably wrote this down in a moment of anger/inspiration/whatever you want to call it. Very nice opening line. "I have no close friends I can talk to." It's great because it's short and hooks the reader.

Writing style wise, this was actually good. Hurrah!

... And aside from that, it kills me inside to read this too. Because nobody should have to deal with this.

One of my best friends have parents who push her to the limit and restrict her in every way. She hides the fact that she can't actually do anything when around her friends. She's soo smart. She got into the 90th and above percentiles in all of her standardized testing scores but when her parents saw that she got into the 80th percentile in math the only thing they told her was to "Work harder on math."

Yeah, all that hurt her and she got depressed. Like actually depressed. And started cutting. Yeah.

And then there's people out there like you. People stereotype everybody else all the time. You know what? I hate stereotypes too. They suck.

I'm a Christian girl, a church kid, and go to an online school and therefore I'm narrow minded because I have no idea what "real people" go through in life. And I don't HAVE a life because I don't know what's really out there and I haven't experienced what everyone else has and I don't understand and never will be able to... just because I'm a Christian. And I go to an online school. It hurts. And it's frankly annoying. But look at some of my stories and you find that no, I do know what's out there and I do understand. At least to some extent anyway.

Little life lesson for people to learn: just because of what some kid looks like and whether he be from Asia or Mexico or wherever the heck he comes from, that doesn't decide what he's like. The Asian guy isn't always the smartest one.

School is tough and is always going to be tough because people judge people all the time, whether they realize it or not. They don't get how much it hurts a person. But I think that if you look around there are people out there who will listen to you and will help you. And feel the same way you do.

I think we've all felt sick and tired of it all at one point or another. Let me just tell you that dying doesn't help at all. Ever read those stories about the families who've had a kid in their family commit suicide and what happens to the family because of that? I mean, I don't know you, but I'M concerned about you. And so are the other two people who reviewed. There's got to be people in your life who can listen too.

I should stop rambling. o.o You're no sorry loser, and taking it out on word documents makes you epic. In my book. I mean, we all take our anger out on something.
6/26/2011 c1 rosesecret02
I stared at the review screen for a long while before typing anything.

No comment- but I don't mean in a bad way.

I'm trying so hard to say something, but I can't think of anything.

I get those feelings, too. I used to think, maybe dying young is better. Hope you don't seriously think that too.

Sorry, I honestly can't say what I really feel like. Even if it's anonymous over the web, I can't write like that, the way you do. I'm always scared someone is gonna find me out. I keep secrets to avoid drama, but I wish that I could just tell some people that they should go ** off too. I have so many thoughts that I could type, but like I said, it's hard for me.
6/25/2011 c1 TheIrishMerc
Wow. Nice ranting. Hafta say though, a good portion of people on this planet have been in your shoes. Don't believe me? That's okay. But believe me when I say that these things won't matter in 5 years. Hell, they probably won't even matter in 5 weeks. Don't get so down on yourself- fuck what everyone else says. If you don't wanna deal with some stupid bitch, then just don't fucking deal with her. You don't owe her jack fucking shit. Yeah, life seems bad now, well here's some advice to help you out: Grow up. I don't mean that in a bitchy way and I don't wanna make it sound like I'm putting you down, because I'm not, but you gotta take a step back and just realize that it could be worse.I know it's all relative and it's easier said than done, but detaching yourself from the situation will make it easier and give you another perspective on the issues that you never knew was there. If you really can't fucking stand how your life is going right now, only YOU have the power to change it. No one is gonna live your life for you. Who the fuck gives a shit that you didn't get a 99% on a Math test? It's not like it fucking matters for the rest of your life. Your parents are (more than likely) only saying that you won't ever be good enough because they actually give a shit about what you do with your life; they're trying to push you, to see how far you can go in life. Yeah, there are much better ways for them to go about it, but just because they're your parents, doesn't mean that they're flawless. And if they really do mean those things- then they're fucking assholes anyways and you shouldn't even bother to pay any attention to what they say. Don't piss away the life you've been given just because it sucks- make it what you want it to be. Take control.

What the fuck am I even bothering to tell you all this for anyways? It's not like you'll take any of it seriously- but believe me hun, I've been in your position. It gets better- and it also gets worse. You just have to tough it out and take the bad with the good.

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