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1/9/2015 c10 69Shadowswept
You updated! I was worried that you had abandoned this story, but I'm glad to know you've just been busy. I certainly understand losing motivation on a story, but there are so few dark stories like yours. I've tried so many times to write dark characters and failed completely. Anyway, this update was worth the wait. My heart broke for Emmeline, because she doesn't realize that Roman would lose his power over her if she told someone what he's doing. The fact that he's popular makes her think that his word will be believed over hers. He knows exactly how to take advantage of her insecurity. The biggest problem for her I think is her confusing attraction to him. It makes her doubt herself even more. Her anger is a natural reaction to being mistreated by him. Roman is too immature to know that his simple view of Emmeline is false. People are too complicated to be just one thing. There are layers beneath her meekness that he is unaware of.

Again, I'm very curious about how this will all turn out. I'm also feeling all the same emotions that Emmeline is experiencing. It's so wrong, but I still find Roman attractive. At least I only feel that way about mean fictional characters. All the guys in my life have been nice. So, as long as the story isn't abandoned, I don't mind waiting for updates.
1/8/2015 c10 mia aurora
so...damn Roman did have sex with Emmaline ? uggghhh...it means he won and no ! as a reader of this story I can't allow him to win ! :P
1/8/2015 c10 ididshank
Thank you for updating! I really do love this story. It's different in a very good way. It always makes me think what's next. I like that Emmeline is starting to think about what to do to next even though she is in a tough situation and Roman always watching her. Also I suck at reviews, but will try my best to do a good one. : )
12/21/2014 c9 Jane
Hi I wanna read what happens next! Eeeeeh!
10/24/2014 c9 Dania
Emmeline's submissive personality is REALLY annoying me. However I simply must read the resolution. Please write more in Roman's perspective, I don't understand him. She made so many wrong choices...she should've told the principal. I mean she HELD THE EVIDENCE IN HER hands! That was being dumb not being shy.
10/24/2014 c6 Dania
Best chapter so far. Nailed the emotions and the flow. Please finish this story - it deserves an ending.
10/24/2014 c3 Dania
I hate reading accounts of Bullying with stupid stupid bystanders. Please please insert me into the story! A random Arab girl who says clearly to Roman "shut up, we all know that's not true." and maybe "you're being a bully." regardless I find this story fascinating! I'm so intrigued it hurts! I don't understand him I hope he has a mental illness that is causing him to act this way!
10/16/2014 c8 Booklover5624
Hey so please don't tell me the stories over , I need to know what happens and if Emmaline will be okay in the end .
9/14/2014 c9 Morgan
HOLY SHIT! (sorry for my cussing D), this story is absolutely amazing! The concept of this story seems very well though out detailed. I just stumbled on this story and can not get enough. I like dark romance stories, but know that not many of them are written on this site. I'm so happy to have found this and hope you continue this story! 3333

P.s I am very interested to see how each Roman and Emmeline develop throughout the story D
9/13/2014 c9 Nidchat
I hope it isn't finished yet... I would surely like to read it further... N yes Roman is a jerk anyway :D
8/20/2014 c9 2LookingGlass606
Such a good chapter! I look forward to reading your new and updated chapters actually! Although it always gives an unexpected end..which is AWESOME because usually I end up know exactly how it ends! I am an avid reader..so that's good coming from me that you actually surprised me! Keep it up! I love it! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT!
8/16/2014 c9 Booklover5624
Hey I love the story ! It is very interesting . See , I hate Roman and don't want him and Emmaline together but I really like the storyline. Romans character is pretty ominous and confusing and I'm glad that his character stayed that way throughout the story. Also I like the jumbled up timelines I don't really know why but to me it kinda makes it more realistic. Anyways please don't tell me the story's over. I really need to know how this ends.
8/13/2014 c9 4The Phoenix Girl
I didn't want the posted chapters to end! I kept on praying for more... I simply love your story and Emmaline! She's so sweet but lost and don't know how to fight back and defend herself which is the case with many girls her age... I hope you get to update soon :)
8/11/2014 c9 inthewater
Update the story please!
8/2/2014 c9 mia aurora
slutty ? I think Roman was referring to himself :P oh and can I please hope for a happy ending because I am a sucker for happy ending...but Roman needs to work hard to gain Emma's love oh yeah..sorry this your story not mine please continue.. :P

p/s:this review will not make sense..
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