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8/3/2013 c5 2Lorna Freeman
Loved this chapter, interesting, wonder if little Jesse will get between them in the future? I really hope you start updating this story again! :)
8/3/2013 c3 Lorna Freeman
I really like this story so far, and I like the different points of view too :)
9/5/2011 c5 7A-Crimson-Memory
As weird as this sounds I didn't really get into the sex scene. I don't know if it's because I'm used to reading exPlicit materials or if I'm immune to everything but aside from that I'm a bit confused on what cam and luke's relationship is. Are they couple or are they friends with benefits? So far they're adorable :) they seem like they're perfect pair.
8/22/2011 c1 Nique13
Did you know that you mentioned Mick in the other band story?

I was like " WTF? Who the **** is Mick?"
8/19/2011 c4 A-Crimson-Memory
If I had to choose between this story and "Can't Hide" I'd say this one. For some reason this one really captured my eye. Like I could actually feel for Cameron and Lucas. I think they both love each other but something is holding them back. Something about this chapter made me get a little teary-eyed. I was so into this story that everything around me had disappeared. These best friends have feelings for each other and yet they won't act on them. I'm really curious to see where this story goes. I sort of hope that both of these boys come to their senses and realize that they should be together.
8/19/2011 c2 A-Crimson-Memory
I'm not sure if I'm just really slow or what but im not understanding what's happened. Did Lucas and Cameron once have a relationship and then something happened and it went downhill from there? Thats the vibe I'm getting at the moment
8/19/2011 c1 A-Crimson-Memory
So I was a little confused in the beginning because I didn't understand. So if I'm deciphering this chapter correctly: Lucas is in love with Cameron but Cameron doesn't know that Lucas loves him?
8/12/2011 c4 31emptyword
This is pretty good. I always enjoy stories that switch between perspectives when they're written well. I like their absorption in each other and their easy friendship. A bit more history would be interesting, but definitely not in exposition form, just sneaky little hints of their past.
8/9/2011 c4 4poisonpensumi
Pretty decent beginning. Since the story seems to be mainly about Luke and Cam, I'd like to see more in depth interaction between them, maybe a glimpse of their history? I'm looking forward to the next update.
8/7/2011 c3 1glitterburns
Actually, I'm quite a fan of dual character perspectives, I do it a lot :)


8/7/2011 c2 glitterburns
I'm so sorry, I know I totally skimmed through some parts of this, but I'm dead tired because my mom woke me up at 10:30 this morning. I really like where this is going, and well I guess I don't really have much structure critique because you're obviously skilled at writing and much more experienced than moi. But then again I'm only like, 12, so whatever. (yeah, i just totally told my age, my mom would KILL me if she knew i did that, but i feel i can trust you, sort of...)

Okay, enough with the sleepy chatter. And as a lazy response to YOUR reviews to my story Red, I agree with you. And BTW, Red isn't really my best work, this is actually where I stick the unwanted and unfinished projects. Red was a spark that died the minute i left my grandmas house, and that's why i've totally left it for dead. But, The Boy Who Played With Fire is one of my better stories I guess, and I'd love if you'd review that one when I post it, which probably won't be until like tomorrow :/

Whatever, I should just shut up now.

8/6/2011 c4 1Echoing Shadow
Hmmm :) I like this...at first I was confused by the changing POVs but now I really get it, its cool; we get mote of an insight instead of a one sided view :) please keep going I need to know what happens! ^_^
7/23/2011 c3 8TinaLouise
Cam is either the most oblivious person ever or this is going to be one of those I-knew-I-loved-you-but-just-didn't-realize-I-loved-you-like-that stories.
7/22/2011 c3 3WishmiesterBeta
Not fan of switching the perspective between charachters, but this case I suppose it works.

I'm a fan of the name Lucas.
7/7/2011 c2 25Esquirella
I can't help but feel terrible for Luke here!
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