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8/25/2011 c1 5i think that maybe
i had to read this once and then once again just to be able to breathe/remember how to breathe. (truth is, i read this the first time over a month ago the day after you told me you posted it. was just in such a place emotionally that this was.. simply too overwhelming to try to articulate feelings about. so i didn't (sorry) and will (try to) now.)

but still, i'm left with only my head to shake cause just god.fucking.damn this, this is.. profound. brilliant. insight into the universe you have acquired decades ahead of the rest. though the entire thing effected me to the point that i kind of just want to cry for lack of better expressive emotion, the last four stanzas were what did me in. from yahtzee (just bril!bril! in the contrast it created) to using yin and yang in the cosmic truth way they were intended.. i just really, really, don't know what to say about this other than simply and in every sense- bravo.

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