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7/7/2011 c1 Blushing.Violett
What you want she knows

She is your whatever

Here for her

There for them

Enlightens your crying eyes

Kings born from earthen sinners

With her laugh

Doused in grace

I could totally see this being turned into a movie, and I'm serious about that. :P

Something like 13 Wishes, only better. ~

-scrolls up to reread-

I love, just like... The beginning of this poem. It's so-*sighs* Stark. I guess you could say. Really poetic, I guess I wanna say the structure it starts out with, and then continues on as. It's really pretty, and catches your attention nicely ~

Perfection cannot claim she

Because she is too perfect

Only in the most

Imperfect of ways

Often can be said that there is wisdom in riddles, ;) This is what I see here. A facade perhaps, or a denial in a gorgeous execution of it. :x Royalty seems to be something she wears and flaunts and the nature of it all is innocent. Yet you know she knows there's better.

No hesitation of heartfelt desire

Dancing past the towering fences

Of protection

Of fact

Flawless and abit quaint, outgoing - I can picture her well. Poems more often than not tell a story. And I really like this one. :)

Nothing lurks

Dangers destroyed

Nothing can get in her way. She carries herself with such elegance and sugar-coated happiness it's amiable to watch. x)





S.hatter. Wow, just-Ouch. D: Every one of those three-liners afterwards hits you with reality just as hard as it might hit the Alice in Wonderland 'dream girl' hath you told her of how life really exists in your world.

Slipped off the edge of existence

Drowning in the well of fantasy

Chained under

Losing grip

Yeaaa, you got both of us there. xD I often dwell on that fact, and I just thought it was funny/amazing how you brought this up just then. c:

I give

She takes

The. Script. 3 Just had them blasting today, to that very song. ^^ So true.

And then what appears like a bridge/chorus. D: God!

I'm faving this... And that's about all I can say. -grin- ~ ;)

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