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4/8/2016 c1 13360pages
You haven't updated much lately which is a shame since I wouldn't mind reading this.
12/15/2015 c1 3RTK
Fascinating concept, but where is the first chapter? D:
1/16/2015 c1 PrennCooder
sounds cool. i've been wondering though, what classifies a fiction piece as manga on this site?
5/6/2013 c1 3Mr. Raleigh D
This is pretty interesting, I'm very intrigued about the whole mentioning of relations between the Supernaturals and the Human Species. Pretty unique, very unique I might add. Please I want to read more of this if you have the chance to.

12/7/2012 c1 7XxmikoxkogaxX
OMG! I was getting into it and it ended •.•
This story seem like it will become my new favorite story and I normally don't read stuff on here XD
Good story and good job :))
7/10/2012 c1 11Runic Birdsong
Okay, you've got me hooked. I can't wait for the more to come! Keep writing!
7/2/2012 c1 4Gr1m
I would definitely give this a read. i'm a huge Manga fanatic and this fits really well with each other. I'd like to see maybe some character explanation and a little bit of expanse. But so far this looks like a pretty good outline.
1/28/2012 c1 10Vivace.Assai
Oh... I see how this story is like Chrono Crusade...

Anyways, interesting prologue. I'm definitely interested in seeing how this story will progress.


Signing off...
12/7/2011 c1 4Zoiqu-Msyjji
Hey, wanted to drop you a review as a thanks for fav'ing my story. :)

Really intriguing prologue. Can't wait to read more of it. Hope you find the time to write soon, I know it can be a hassle.


9/9/2011 c1 Prisim
So when do we get more of this? *sniffle*
8/27/2011 c1 kuronekoevan
Hmm... I smell a steampunk story in the way. Soul Eater? Should be an interesting read. Surprise us.
7/13/2011 c1 3Alice-of-the-Forgottens
Ooh, exciting! :) Sounds like this will be very good!

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