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7/24/2011 c3 1LetMeSpeak
Fantastic. I love the style.

And in all honesty... I joined this sight just a few days ago. My hopes were up until I read your story. I though the work on Fictionpress sucked! But now I know taht is not true. :)
7/10/2011 c1 12lianoid
In some sense, we've all got on a pair of rose-colored glasses.

-I love this. I love this entire prologue! Your writing is always inspiring and brilliant.

...and chilling statistics of depression...

-I love your word choice of "chilling" here. I see where your academic background is coming into play here, and it only adds to your brilliance, unique way of phrasing things, and perception.

This prologue is amazing, Silver. I mean, I always adore your work, but the ideas and concepts you shared and ran with were enlightening, well-worded, and beautifully put.

I don't have any criticism, at this point. I'm really excited for this piece. It'll be nice to see you doing a satire, since I'm so used to One plus one. But I'm really looking forward to this piece and I think you'll manage to translate all your knowledge, unique perspective, and overall awesomeness into this.

No pressure, of course, but I just think this piece is going to be brilliant.

Please, keep it up. I definitely look forward for the chapters to come!

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