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10/3/2011 c44 deadgummiegirl
Hayden is a total badass! Even more of a badass than Phinn. Mostly because Phinn tends to injure himself which makes him look kind of stupid;) But anyways, I'm liking Hayden even more now. And I hope Lawsons alright.
10/2/2011 c43 1lobsterwife
Okay this is NOT GOOD. I know Lawson said to, but why did they leave him behind? Now I'm freaking out because there's a possibilty that the Others could kill him what with his blindness and inability to move. Lawson said that they wouldn't kill him, but I'm still worried as heck. And what about Hayden? I'm gonna remain optimistic and hope that something good happens in the next few chapters. Book one ended at fifty chapters, so I'm assuming book 2 will be the same. I'm slightly worried that it will end on a terrible cliffhanger and I will cry and cry. Anyway, I liked when Lawson said that Elena has gotten stronger because that's how I feel too! Lawson and I are bros.
10/1/2011 c42 lobsterwife
Poor Elena :( I guess it's getting serious now that Elena is feeling real pain. I wonder if her visions will come less and less? I'm not too sure on the CB mythology. Anyway, I hope everyone else is alright! All the injured people are in a tight spot what with the Others and all. Let's see what happens in the coming chapters!
9/30/2011 c42 deadgummiegirl
I loved this action packed chapter! I kind of freaked out in a good way when Elena fell off of the Kingdom because I've thought of that happening for awhile now!

Can't wait for the next chapter. I really want to know what happened to Hayden and Lawson, and the others. And I want to know is Elena is ok:)
9/29/2011 c41 deadgummiegirl
Poor Elena! I feel so bad. Now everybody is probably going to be pissed at her when it was their fault in the first place. If it wasn't for the Sons being all selfish and wanting nothing but power she would know what could happen. Thank god for Anya suffering from a nice streak and telling her!

You know what, I blame Lawson. Afterall he was the one to kidnap her before she could meet Hayden and he could explain everything to her.

And I dont' really know specifically why, but I really like Phinn in this chapter. Maybe its the part about how he can read and write in Elena's "language". I just like that they have something in common:)
9/29/2011 c41 lobsterwife
ELENA NOOOO! You were doing so great! I'm totally blaming the Sons for this screw up. This is why you tell the girl you kidnapped all about her magical powers. So THIS kind of thing doesn't happen *sigh* I really enjoyed Anya actually being semi-nice to Elena in this chapter. I feel like there's a lot we don't know about her (which is why I have mixed feelings about her character). I thought it was kind of funny how Phinn can read and write in English (I'll just call it that for now). It makes sense seeing as how Anya never bothered to learn Windings. Maybe this ability will come into play later? I'm just eagerly waiting for Phinn to speak again. I've noticed that Anya and Phinn have a strange way of speaking. They always add on "you know"s and "okay"s and "got it"s and stuff like that. Maybe I'm just being weird again haha. Great chapter and epic cliffhanger!
9/27/2011 c40 deadgummiegirl
I like those short-lived moments when the ditzy Elena gets to take charge. And I loved her little interaction with Lawson at the end of the chapter:) So sweet!

I honestly have no thoughts about what could happen in the next chapter so I'm definitely excited about what you'll come up with.
9/24/2011 c39 lobsterwife
Go Elena! Although I am a bit worried about her state of mind. I'm even confused about which world is real (I kind of want the fantasy world to be reality though haha). It's all very sad if you think about it (which I guess you do :|). I'm excited to see what will happen next. How are they going to break down the walls? Have Elena's walls already been broken? Again, all those English courses are catching up to me... :)
9/24/2011 c1 Avalarprincess
I really like your story. Its a good read
9/23/2011 c38 deadgummiegirl
I loved Elena and her Aunt's conversation about the glue at the the end of this chapter. It was so hilarious! No wonder everyone thinks Elenas going crazy. Hopefully what Aunt Jane said will help Phinn and Turner.

And I still feel sorry for Elena, usually only when she's in the "real world". I think the only thing that's really keeping her sane is that she knows she can try to find things to help in the fantasy world when she's having visions.
9/22/2011 c37 lobsterwife
I know I say this allll the time, but I love how relatable Elena is. Plus her development is awesome. I think she's better than most female fantasy protagonists these days coughBellaSwancough! I love how everyone (even the narrator) mocks Elena and her uselessness, but she takes that in stride, and does the best she can under the circumstances. I wish I could be more like Elena haha. Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter~ It's been a while since we've had a vision. Another thing I loved about this chapter was Cole butting into Elena's personal life. I think he's secretly a hopeless romantic or something lol.
9/21/2011 c37 deadgummiegirl
Well, at least they didn't get the crap kicked out of them. As far as we know.

I loved the part where Cole was interrogating Elena about her romantic interests, even though he didn't really know what the heck he was talking about. Or did he?;) I guess I'll just have to wait and find out.
9/20/2011 c36 deadgummiegirl
I am so proud of Elena for sticking it to Anya! I totally lol'd at her last words to Anya because it really sums up everything about Anya. And Elena didn't lose her cool she just calmly told her how horrible she is;) Poor Phinn for having to live with that crazy bitch!

Hopefully The Stranger doesn't show up and try to kill anyone yet, at least until Elena and Hayden go back to the others. I like all the action with The Stranger, but they have enough problems with Anya!
9/20/2011 c36 lobsterwife
Elena for the win! I'm so proud of her right now! She totally stood up to Anya! Okay, exclamation abuse over haha. I'm glad Elena told her off because I was starting to get upset about how she was beating up Phinn :( What's up with that? Anya is also hiding something. I can feel it in me bones argh. But I laughed when we found out she couldn't read the Windings. It makes sense that Anya wouldn't bother learning it haha. Hopefully everything can be resolved quickly. And don't beat up Phinn or set Turner on fire while Elena is gone :(
9/16/2011 c35 deadgummiegirl
Just what they need:Anya coming to cause even more chaos! I hope she doesn't kill Elena, well I'm guessing she won't since she is the main character;) And hopefully you'll tell us why Elena was able to get free and everyone else is stuck. I just really loved this chapter, especially Elena dumping water on Phinn's head. For some reason that imagery really gave me a laugh.
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