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9/15/2011 c34 deadgummiegirl
Well, this is certaintly an interesting development! I think Elena is getting better at figuring out what is going on. Usually she's in the dark at the intentions of other people, but now she seems like she's actually contributing some helpful information.

And I was looking forward to more Phinn, but now instead of being unconscious he's trapped to a wall and can't speak! But I hope the other sons and Hayden are safe. And that Elena gets freed!
9/15/2011 c34 1lobsterwife
Dammit, Cole! Stop making me kind of like you :( I 'awwed' when he said Elena was brave and that she was a good Chaste Beauty. Elena is the BEST! I had a feeling the Stranger was up there. At least he didn't poison Phinn. So I guess he's the last on the Stranger's list? That makes sense. Hunt saved Anya for last haha. Now on a more serious and cute note, how adorable was it when Phinn wa awkwardly bargaining for Elena's life? Sometimes I just laugh at that guy even when bad things are happening. I'm also glad that Phinn didn't get staked through the hand. Another cliffhanger :((( Hopefully someone in that room is smart enough to say JUDGE HUNT!
9/14/2011 c33 deadgummiegirl
Yea! Phinn and Elena get some quality time together. Well they'll probably get the crap beat out of them, or at least Phinn might. Or something equally worse will happen, so it won't really be good quality time:) I wonder who's controlling the Kingdom? I bet the three siblings on the ground are gonna be pissed!
9/13/2011 c33 lobsterwife
Ohmygosh! You're too good at leaving me hanging! Who's in the Wheel Room? Hopefully nothing terrible will happen (but knowing Phinn and Elena, they are running head first into trouble). I liked how the boys were trying very hard to ignore their sisters' little cat fight haha. I think the girls are even scarier than them :) Elena! I'm so proud of you! I love whenever she stands up for herself and takes control. I mean SOMEONE has to be the sensible one. I think Phinn is slowly but surely becoming my favorite character haha. It's kind of odd seeing as how I didn't like him alllllll the way back at the beginning of book 1. I'm very excited for the next chapter. I have a feeling something crazy is about to happen!
9/11/2011 c32 deadgummiegirl
I'm really sad that Sage acts the way she does. I mean she doesn't have to pour her heart out, but she could at least not be a mega bitch all of the time.

And I'm really excited that the Sons are going to potentially be stuck together for awhile. I love the banter you write between them.
9/11/2011 c32 lobsterwife
:( Poor Sage. I want to think that deep down she is saddened by the death of her mother. It's kind of a horrible thought that only one Son will inherit the Clouds, and the others will die. I don't want any of them to die ;_; I have to take a moment to fangirl over the character development in book 2. I love seeing the different sides of each character. Like how Quentin is gradually getting more and more irritated by everyone, and Phinn actually listening to someone and not freaking out (I could probably go on and on about that guy's character development lol), and Sage acting the teeniest bit like a normal human being. I'm just waiting for Quentin to go crazy on everyone haha. Elena's getting so bold. I love it. And this whole mother business is making me think of Elena's own parents. It's also making me think that the mother's represent something, but maybe that's because I'm taking a lot of English courses this year haha. *sigh* I just HAVE to analyze every bit of everything, don't I? Anyway, lovely, somber, sad chapter. The ending make me choke up a bit ;_;
9/10/2011 c31 lobsterwife
Oh! So the fantasy world writes in Windings? Haha, well that makes sense considering how, in book 1, Lawson couldn't read that English prophecy thing. I was all excited that Phinn was awake, but then fell into fits of giggles upon seeing his lovely siblings tying him up. That boy can never win, can he? At least he contributed a nice plan. Who would have guessed (is Phinn about to surpass Elena on the idiot scale? I always love it when the narrator takes shots at Elena's intelligence lol). So now we're off to meet the King. Maybe Elena can kill two birds with one stone, and find a book about Jude Hunt's exploits? Will we get to see that Professor guy again? So excited!
9/9/2011 c31 deadgummiegirl
Maybe now they'll come up with a solution to their problems. But knowing them they'll probably just end up with more problems than they already have!

I'm glad Phinn's awake and it'll be cool to see the King again. I sometimes forget he's even alive! He's just chillin' in his little kingdom while all of this chaos goes on. :)
9/8/2011 c30 deadgummiegirl
I love it when all of the sons(or most of them) are in the same room. Something exciting or entertaining is bound to happen. I'm glad Lawson and Turner are both up and talking. I missed them;) And most of the time I have an idea about what could happen in the next chapter(I'm usually wrong) but honestly I think anything could happen from here on out. Hopefully some more time with Elena and Lawson;) I love those two!
9/8/2011 c30 lobsterwife
Yay! No school plus a new TKOW chapter! *sigh* Why can't we all just along? Although I do love Sage and Turner's little "pissing contests" as Ryder so eloquently puts it. I love how Elena contributes to the conversations now. She is totally becoming more to the Sons than a Chaste Beauty. Even Sage agrees with her on some things. I was shocked when Law sided with Elena on the Phinn thing. My face was like :0 But I have to agree. I have a wierd feeling that Phinn's input could be important. Or he could just challenge the Stranger to a fist fight haha. Your update speed is amazing. My eyes are like saucer plates!
9/7/2011 c29 deadgummiegirl
That was crazy! That was one of the best action scenes ever! I'm glad Hayden didn't actually get killed. Although we don't really know if he survives until you update again. He's an interesting character so I have a feeling he'll be okay. And Elena is actually proving to be somewhat useful, even though she mostly just stood there during the fight. Of course she couldn't really do anything. Well she could have called his name sooner:/ So okay, maybe she's not to useful sometimes. Can't wait for them to fill everyone else in on what happened.
9/7/2011 c29 lobsterwife
Wow! That was really intense. I actually thought Hayden was going to die for minute. Please be okay, Hayden D: You're so badass! Sage is also the most badass person I have ever seen (read?). I love how she helped save her sister. Sage may be abrasive and rude, but this moment showed me that there's some good in her. I think that's true of all your characters. Each of the Sons have these flaws which are really prominent, but they also have these moments of redemption-or at least moments where they are shown to have good qualities. What I'm trying to say is: go Sage! I cheered when she showed up haha. Next chapter is the big 3-0! Hmm I wonder if things are going to be a bit easier now that we know the Stanger's number one weakness?
9/6/2011 c28 deadgummiegirl
Yea! I'm glad Lawson's finally awake. I was happy Elena was the first person he got to see, well sort of see;) And how he tried to hug her and then her admiting to herself she wouldn't mind hooking up with Lawson. *Fangirl squeal* Anyway . . .

Maybe now that Elena has realized she has some authority she'll not be as ditzy. Or maybe not, this is Elena I'm talking about.
9/6/2011 c28 lobsterwife
Oh look! Law's awake! Hi, Lawson! It's been a while, hasn't it? It's kind of weird having Lawson back seeing as how we haven't seen him in action for almost the entire story. Poor thing. He has to wake up to find that Elena has yet another admirer (at least in his mind haha). I feel like Elena has grown a lot over the two books. I think that she might've listened to Hayden in book one, but book two Elena is like, "No way! I'm gonna do what I want!" Especially now that she has power over him la la la~ I kind of loved that she figured that out (and it makes me wonder if Anya ever figured that out with Judge...). Oh no! I'm theorizing again @_@ Uhhh this is kind of weird, but I made you this graphic lol: http:/i1125.photobucket.com/albums/l591/theblondebat/kingdomofrain.jpg Once again, thank you for writing this story. It makes me happy when skies are gray la la la~ Haha... I'll stop now.
9/3/2011 c27 deadgummiegirl
Great Chapter! She's going to sleep so hopefully another vision will come? And that sucks that she can't meet Cecilia because I sure we would definitely learn some more interesting information. And I'd just like to say again, I love Cole's hobby of popping himself into conversations with his useless banter.
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