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9/3/2011 c27 1lobsterwife
But Quentin! Phinn is in danger when he is asleep! I mean, Elena almost hit him in the head with a vase last chapter (still can't stop giggling about that xD). Anyway, I have to agree with Quentin on that subject. Phinn does have a tendency to rush into things without thinking. Poor Turner. He's trying to be helpful, but his meanie brother won't let him *dramatic sigh* I hope Ryder is okay. I don't like seeing the characters posioned. It's sad that we don't get to see Cecila :( I liked the idea of meeting another (possibly sane) mother. In the meantime...why doesn't Elena ask Anya about it? Wishful thinking on my part haha. For some reason I dislike Anya but want to see more of her. But I doubt Anya would tell Elena anything considering what happened in book one. That little part with Quentin and Jenny was so cute! I 'aww'ed. I can't wait for the next chapter~ Let's get to the bottom of this mystery! I might start calling Elena, Quentin, Cole, Sage, and Hayden the Scooby Gang lol.
9/1/2011 c26 deadgummiegirl
Oh poor dumb ass Elena! (I say that in the most endearing way.) Of course that shattering glass sound is the viles of antidote breaking. You saw him pick it up, what the hell else did you think it would be. All throughout this chapter I was like "Do something besides just stand there!" But there's not much you can do against The Stranger/Hunt or whoever the heck he is;)

I hope Turner stays awake now! And as much as Cole annoys me I love it when you put him in danger because he becomes very entertaining.
9/1/2011 c26 lobsterwife
Is it bad that I laughed a lot during this chapter? Like Cole is just so hilarious to me now. I loved when he saw The Stranger and hid under the blankets as if that would protect him (such a little kid thing to do xD). I also loved when Elena almost smashed that vase at Phinn's head (oh god could you imagine haha). But then The Stranger was going to potentially hurt him, and I went into Mama Bear mode (am I no better than Anya? I can't help it! That putz has grown on me -_-). And what of the antidotes? How many are left after The Stranger broke them (bad Stranger!)? But now we have one more clue in this exciting mystery! I think I heard somewhere that if you said a demon's name it would excorise them. Elena should totally become a Ghostbuster haha. She did help kill that one demon all the way back in the first book. Maybe The Stranger has some secret way of destroying it that can only be found using the powers of the Internet! Ugh it feels like forever when I wait for a new chapter *sigh* That's the sad life of a fan (not that I'm complaining about update speed or anything! You update faster than most people on this site haha). Loved the chapter! Can't wait until the next one :)
8/30/2011 c25 lobsterwife
How could you end the chapter like that? But I guess we haven't had any cliffhangers in a while (you clearly spoil us haha). I have to say that I'm warming up to Cole. He was pretty funny this chapter (the line about his dad being a slut made me literally laugh out loud xD). There was much needed exposition as well which I love~ I forgot Quentin's mom was alive! As aforementioned I said I liked her the best ;) I'm wondering if Hunt slept with Anya. I doubt anyone would want to lol. Maybe he saved her for last xD (can't you tell that I "adore" her). But now we know the code! And Cole said it's in every book, so it'll be easy to find out the order! I'm getting a bit excited...First we have to deal with The Stranger (Judge Hunt?). Uhhh everyone in that hospital room is useless with a capital U (no offense boys). How will Elena Lash get out of this mess? Find out next chapter! I'm excited :)
8/29/2011 c24 deadgummiegirl
Yeah you fulfilled one of my requests! Of course you probably had that planned out anyway. But I'm so happy Turner was awake, even though it was only for about a minute. And Lawsons' getting better:]

Cole is so annoying though. I would totally smack him one even if he was injured. And Ryder also needs a smack! How can she be so caring one second and then just want to give up!
8/28/2011 c24 lobsterwife
Ugh Ryder. Why do you act all sympathetic and smart one second then completely brat-tastic the next? That last paragraph worries me a bit. What's she planning? If her dumb ideas get anyone hurt then I won't be too forgiving of her in the future. It's great that Turner and Lawson are slowly getting better. We can finally deal with the marriage business *one track mind* Oh course The Stranger is top priority now. Elena is finally learning that not everyone is black and white in this fantasy world. Things are getting more and more interesting. I get so excited whenever I see a new chapter in my inbox. I literally gasp and start doing a little New Chapter Dance :D
8/28/2011 c1 1Mrs-Writer's-Block
This is so good!~ It's well written!~ Keep writing I love this.
8/27/2011 c23 deadgummiegirl
Great chapter as always! You know, all of your characters are written so well that it's hard to ever pick a favorite!

I do feel sorry for Cole just a little bit since he's so young. I didn't think I would because he's bratty but I do. But now I don't even know where the next chapter is heading too. Maybe you'll be even more awesome and have one of the unconscious boys wake up?;)
8/27/2011 c23 1lobsterwife
COLE D: That's so horrible! I felt so bad for him, the poor thing. Getting a SPIKE through the hand? That sucks. And I'm assuming he was conscious during the entire thing :( So now I'm officially freaked out by The Stranger. If he is organizing The Others and telling them what to do, then I'm worried about what might happen next. I mean there's like three unconscious dudes on Quentin's ship just waiting to be attacked. If they hurt Jenny I will probably punch something haha. But I'm getting a little too ahead of myself *ahem* I'm wondering if someone is hiring The Stranger to carry out these things. Maybe that Judge guy? I mean, he is dead, but that doesn't mean the girls are wrong. Anything can happen in a fantasy ;) And I'm learning to trust Elena's visions. Because this is getting a little too eerie for me. I really hope no one dies D: That would be kind of traumatic. I can't even deal with Cole getting spiked through the hand. I was literally hyperventilating. Also I forgot to mention how glad I am to see Sage again (even if she did try to shoot Elena and Phinn that one time). And has this been three chapters in a row? Your updating speed is epic :0
8/27/2011 c22 stark
have i told you lately that this story is amazing?
8/26/2011 c22 deadgummiegirl
I absolutely loved this chapter! I was so glad to finally find out about all of the mothers. It definitely gives you insight into why the sons act the way they do. Although if you would like to give us more info on them I think everyone would love that;)

In the last chapter I thought that Judge Hunt might have been The Stranger. It could still be him because I don't really trust Ryder and the things she says to much.
8/26/2011 c22 lobsterwife
Wow. That was a really interesting chapter. It's nice to have a little more insight into the Son's background. There's that lack of romance thing again: the King is only interested in types of women instead of the actual women (well excluding Luna (maybe)). So are all the mothers dead except for Anya? That means all the potentially nice mothers are gone :( I would have liked to meet them. And that Judge guy is definitely a suspicious character. He died and there's something concerning him and Cole. Hmmm more mysteries that keep me up at night haha. I wonder if he has anything to do with The Stranger (he did say that Cole was up next, right? I can't remember lol). If I had to pick a favorite mother based off of Ryder's delightful commentary, it would be Cecilia. I like the idea of a woman who was smart and didn't take any nonsense! No wonder Quentin is so serious all the time :P
8/25/2011 c21 deadgummiegirl
Poor Elena. The only thing's she's good at are embarassing and confusing herself.

But I don't want her to stay away from Phinn because every time they're together it's interesting. And it was definitely unexpected to hear about Cole. I would love for him to make an appearance soon. Please update asap:)
8/25/2011 c21 lobsterwife
Oh God, you don't know how bad I was laughing during this chapter xD I always seem to get the giggles whenever something awkward happens to anyone lol. Poor Elena. Having it be implied that your fooling around with the student-teacher by your teacher is not good. Even if Mr. Redley may or may not be real I still hope that he's ok. He's kind of funny in an awkward sort of way (I always loved the parts where he's freaked out by Elena's wackiness). But then I stopped laughing because I was sad that Elena was going to stop talking to Phinn :( And just when he was starting to act kind of nice. Oh well. You have to go by visions, and I don't want either of them to get hurt. Hmmm I am curious about this Cole thing. I don't really have a good opinion of Cole since we haven't got to know him as well as the others. I'm also excited about the camera. I NEED to know if the fantasy world is real as well! Alright! Until the next chapter!
8/23/2011 c20 deadgummiegirl
Poor Elena is going to go bonkers! But I do like it when she goes back to her world because I love trying to figure out what it means in the Kingdoms.

I was surprised to find out part of Hayden's job was to "remove chaste beauties from their line of work." I knew there was more to him then prevously thought.
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