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for A Maiden

9/2/2004 c1 3blank canvas
wow. very emotional. i liked it. never heard about a maiden's life before.
4/8/2002 c1 16Hikarmine
Now that was beautiful. Made my heart ache. I can relate my own actual life to this all too well. Did you write anything else as deep as this?
6/23/2001 c1 57The Angry Generalization
I dunno why, but you sound *incredibly* sarcastic to me. Am I wrong? Proably. I just can't imagine anyone calling themselves a 'maiden' while keeping a straight face.
5/25/2001 c1 61DawningFlames
Ahhh...I can relate all too well, myself being a poor maiden exiled into the depths of her soul, brought back by a valiant prince. Let me keep my fairy tale. Great poem. Great author. It's going on my favorites.

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