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for Family Obligation

3/21/2014 c9 Val
This is a good story, but there is a lot of things that are going on that we do no know about. H
9/2/2013 c19 someone
is this the end
it cant be i love the story u should continue it
12/26/2011 c1 Cooper
Great story so far. Love the characters and the plot.
10/5/2011 c13 Metal Chocobo
This chapter had me laughing a lot. Great dialogue, wonderful one liners, especially the one at the end. I have a feeling I'll be very sad when I run out of chapters tonight.

10/5/2011 c8 Metal Chocobo
I know nothing about goats, and even less about llamas or farms, but I'm enjoying this. Julia seems competent and Holmes awesome.

8/17/2011 c13 4ColdCoffeeEyes25
I have no words for how much I love this story.

a) your deliciously conflicted protagonist, who's making all these sort of tough family-first decisions and is completely pissed off about it but can't admit that even to herself;

b) the aging mother who doesn't want to relinquish control and can't say no to rescue goats;

c) rescue goats, with their attendant sexy-girl goatherd;

d) stunning cast of supporting characters;

e) absence of manufactured drama in favor of the real deal.

Keep going - I'm a fan. :)
8/2/2011 c7 icedfaerie
Im usually not a review writer but for this i had to. I really enjoy this story and i cant wait to see where it goes. Hope the next chapter is up soon :)

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