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for Shifters: Escape

8/12/2011 c2 3She is Perfectly Flawed
Great second chapter! I'm into this, definitely!

I love Jake. =) He's awesome with all of his comments and stuff. I kind of hoped he'd be one of the shifters though. LOL Oh well, I'm sure Collin, Casey and Jared will be just as amazing once we get to know them better. I can't wait to find out their animals!

Just one bit of criticism though... the websites the shifters check out (Shifters R Us) doesn't seem very professional... I would assume someone very intelligent and leader-esque would have written it? I mean... since it's top secret a teenager wouldn't have written it, huh? And by the looks of it, that could very well be a teenager's doing. Just saying. For future reference you may want to 'formalize' the info on the website.

Love it! Keep writing!

~ Friendly neighborhood Stalker
8/2/2011 c1 2Whispbreeze
Wow, this is a good beginning. I was totally surprised when you brought up shifters. I thought it was a normal world.

It is a bit bouncy and cunfusing, but I could make sense out of it.

I like how she is a coyote.

Hope you do write more!
7/30/2011 c1 3She is Perfectly Flawed
Oh wow, totally stalking this. =) Very amazing start. Totally hooked.
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