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2/5 c1 Anon
Slash writers show true hate to heterosexual couples and to straight characters in general. These writers just don't treat straight characters with equal respect as gay/lesbian couples. And since the largest majority of humans are straight, that makes me think these writers hate most people. Showing disrespect to heterosexual characters turns me off from reading slash.
11/23/2023 c1 Slash writers
..suck at writing any type of love that doesn't include sex. They have no idea how beautiful platonic love among friends can be. Or they hate it, because they're always putting sexual and romantic attraction in a friendship or even in a sibling or family relationship. They embrace incest and pedophilia, which is disgusting. And all slash stories read the same, with the same boring plots. I never understand why anyone wants to change great source material to put slash in it, especially since romantic and sexual relationships (m/m, f/f and m/f) are often already in the canon. Why can't these slashers just love the relationships as presented, instead of changing them?
11/15/2023 c1 Guest
I feel like one of the reasons I dislike slash is because canonically heterosexual character is being emotionally manipulated into homosexual relationship with the gay character because he feels sorry for them. It's just feels unnatural and like the author just wants an easy checkmark for their story. I've also noticed that same sex, usually female characters in the fanfics can't stay friends with each other and then are made into relationship.
7/30/2023 c1 Another fan
While I don't understand the appeal of the slash, I think I could tolerate more if the behavior of those who love slash didn't turn me off so much. They are so defensive, touchy and insulting and patronizing toward those who prefer friendships and relationships as the creators of the canon intended - that is, close and loving, but with no hint of romance or sexual attraction. They don't understand why anyone can't love the characters being so in love that they have sex in any situation, and insist their OTP is canon, ignoring that platonic affection exists and is not abnormal. They see those who don't embrace their OTP as either totally stupid or just uninformed and can be easily persuaded to also love the OTP. And, as someone said, they either ignore or rewrite the canon to make it fit their shipping agenda - and get offended if someone calls them out on that or points out when they write OOC. I don't think I'll ever understand shippers.
7/27/2023 c1 Anon
People assume I hate slash because I’m a Christian. That barely even enters into it. I’ve read slash stories that were actually GOOD stories and I enjoyed them. Slash bothers me because it’s almost always objectively bad. One or both characters is usually wildly OOC, to the point that one of the men is clearly written to be the “woman” in the relationship. Canon including any het relationships is disregarded for no good reason. You know what it’s called when you push aside a woman in favor of a man? Sexism. We rail against it in movies and TV yet slash writers do it all the time with impunity. There’s also this strange obsession in slash writers. Like they can’t abide the idea that their ship isn’t actually canon and these guys aren’t gay for each other. There are more canon gay characters today than there were even 10 years ago, but slash writers seem fixated on queering straight characters. Like I have my preferred het ships I know aren’t canon and I don’t care or even want them to be. But don’t tell a slash writer “Steve and Bucky aren’t gay” unless you have a bunker to hide in for the foreseeable future. The fic is one thing. The culture surrounding slash is what really makes me stay away.
5/15/2023 c1 I love canon
The worst offenders are slash writers who ignore or rewrite the source material to make it fit their agenda of two characters being each others' true love. These writers disregard the important het relationships the characters have in in canon (sometimes even long and loving marriages), their canon backgrounds (for instance, making one in a slash pairing estranged from family or poor so the other one must take of him), how they relate in canon to each other and to platonic friends and family and how they treat them, etc. Distorting the source material to this extreme is not writing fanfiction. It's writing original fiction. I also don't understand those who write a slash pairing but haven't read or seen the canon, basing facts on other fanfiction. It's easy to pick these offenders out because they describe characters inaccurately, misspell names, get timeliness and ages wrong, and make other mistakes that those who love canon would not make.
4/19/2023 c1 NIUORILYS
I think a lot of authors spend so much time writing their fanfiction, because force, they take everything to heart because they don't ventilate their brain enough and are unable to cogitate and then it's easier to say you're homophobic without understanding the reason. If you say you don't like smut, it's the same. And saying you don't like to read smut in slash fanfiction is worse. Unless it's my fault because the meaning of smut that I always have in mind after reading it is: Smut is obscene or pornographic material, including pictures and writing. Even that they can't understand that pornographic content can cause many people to have an unpleasant feeling, only because of that kind of content. Crude language does not appeal to everyone. I just think that those people who take everything wrong are stupid and should take a long break from writing and go for a breath of fresh air. Maybe the brain would work better afterwards. k that many author
4/11/2023 c1 Lou
What I don't like about slash is that it's written in a crude and pornographic way very often. I've just seen stories on Wattpad that weren't fanfiction, and on Rockfic. Why do many of them write this way all the time? I read that there were people in the LGBT movement who were offended when slash was written like that. They feel that it shows them having sex in a very beastly, perverse way. I understand them. It's like they're seen as freaks.
4/9/2023 c1 A reader
Why do I dislike slash? Most of it seems poorly written by those who have little to no experience with lasting relationships, same sex or het. The fics are mostly all instant physical attraction and sex, sex, sex, with nothing written about how the characters get to know each other and emotionally connect with each otherwise beyond having sex. That's not how relationships-for-life work in the real world at all - and I say this as a heterosexual woman who's been married to the same man for 25 years, after we met in college and spent several years as friends first. We were not immediately attracted to each other sexually or emotionally; we worked up to that. But slash writers just seem to pair the two best looking guys together, completely ignoring how they treat each other, and have no answer about their emotional connection and why they would fall in love with each other in the first place. "Sexual attraction" is the answer for a fling, but not for a lasting relationship. Also, as others have said, slash devalues platonic relationships among two or more men, which can be very special and beautiful. I particularly hate it when the two best looking men in a group of three or more close friends are paired off, because that instantly makes the bromance with the left out friend(s) less important - sex and romantic love become number one over platonic and brotherly love.
6/22/2022 c1 Guest
The way things are going bestiality and pedophilia will be normalized next. Then it will be LGBTQBP. Such a fucked up time to be alive like the waning days of Rome. It was very liberal back then. Most of the developed nations have easy financially secure lives nowadays and then they pay so much time on these bullshit. Never will you see this in developing nations we are busy dealing with real problems than who can fuck wholm. It's disgusting.
1/31/2022 c1 awo
It sounds like you hate bad slash.
4/13/2020 c1 silentsnowyuuki
I'm a reader and writer of slash but I do admit that slash in fandom can get annoying too. I don't read slash all the time I read other kinds of fic too and it's annoying when I discover this fic that has great writing but just bcos it involves a straight pair or it's gen it doesn't get much attention as the slash ones simply bcos they're not slash.

I've written gen fics myself and even one story where the pairing is straight and I worked for it, even enjoyed writing it but I get overshadowed by these poorly written slash ones! Okay I get it to each his/her own I respect that we all have different preferences but it's just frustrating.

Also another thing that annoys me are the slash shippers my god. It's like we're not allowed to like a straight pair anymore! I remember reading a post on twitter that said "not every ship has to be gay it's okay to like straight pairs" and the OP gets attacked for being homophobic, saying that straight people don't experience the same hardships that gay people do which I don't get bcos nowhere did the OP say that. They simply stated it's ok to like straight pairs and suddenly it's homophobic?

And what I mean by poorly written slash is not just the bad grammar or the writing per se but the obvious fetishization. There is no romance the guys just kiss 15 mins in where's the buildup? Had this been for a straight pair it would've been called weird or even toxic. But watch it get a lot of kudos anyway simply bcos it's gay.

I still believe we're free to read and write whatever we want it's just annoying how the slash shippers make everything about their pairing and condemn those who don't have similar opinions.
11/4/2019 c1 JenDamn
Good points all. There is a lot of slash fic that fits into your points, but I think there are a lot more decent slash fics out there than you seem to be implying. Well, we can agree to disagree. Ok, any two random females/males from any series/movies where you can list, what 30? I find that hard to believe. Hmmm, graduated Hermione/Appoline(sp?), aaaand from Teen wolf Styles and the vet dude, who is now on TWD. Also, I understand exaggerating, but 30 still seems high even for that.
12/11/2018 c1 AntiFandom
It's sadly something that will never go away. We can only ignore it. I wash my mind clean of all slash encounters by reading the pure, true canon.

I went looking for fanfiction of Mr. Harley Quin and Mr. Satterthwaite (two Agatha Christie characters) and was disturbed to see many slashfics of them on Ao3. *shakes head* I also learned that Ao3 is a haven for slashfics, so I won't be going there anymore.

Why can't two characters ever be close friends? Be they two guys, two girls, or a guy and a girl. They must all be paired! No, they actually don't. Bromances and besties are seemingly a rare thing in fan fiction. "It's guy love between two guys." ~ JD and Turk ~ the best bromance ever.
4/20/2018 c1 Tara Lux
I could not agree with you more on this. Thanks for writing it out.
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