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for It was the Cold Weather that separated us

8/31/2011 c3 1Germany
*Gasps* I didn't know this had been updated! Probably because I had been too lazy to put this on Alerts at the time... *subcribes* There we go :)

Can't wait to see them in Paris :) Keep updating ;D
8/16/2011 c2 Germany
Hmmm, Ginny and Damien's relationship is quite interesting...I'm wonder what happened...?

There was one sentence where the punctuation was off:

"Interfere, was he delusional."

It should've been a question mark instead ;) But your writing seems fine, keep on writing.
8/16/2011 c1 Germany
I enjoyed your first chapter :) I liked how Ginny and her mom embraced at the end; very sweet ;D The only thing that bothered me was this sentence:

"I gave her a small smile even though my every muscle in my face protested."

I think the first "my" could be deleted since reading that line confused me slightly. But all else was fine for now.

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