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for Not By Blood

9/12/2012 c16 19bookppl93
Good chapter :)
9/12/2012 c16 1RRsabi
Loved this! Personally, I think this is a lovely chapter to put the summary in! I was just dying waiting for that moment! Stupid Sophie had to walk in! :P

You should definitely keep this!

Update soon!
9/12/2012 c16 5wasauskyx
I think this chapter is amazing as it is-do NOT change it okay? Update soon :D
9/12/2012 c16 372898
yay!i've been waiting for this moment to happen!
9/12/2012 c16 JJsMommy29
can't wait to see what happens next so update soon
9/12/2012 c16 1glitterypower
9/12/2012 c16 Sarah
I LOVE THE CHAPTER. I had to use all caps to expres my love for this chapter. It's been 15 chapters, they should at least get a little kissy kissy, you made us wait soooo long for it!
9/12/2012 c16 Jadeann
Hey, the chapter was great they kissed a bit sooner than I expected but if you felt it was the right time than don't have second thoughts about it. So don't change a thing and leave it as is. I can't wait to read more. I was wondering when did Lucas started liking Astrid?
9/12/2012 c16 marginal-utility
I dont think its too soon. You have to reach the summary scene sometime and its better not to take too long so it becomes a drag. And i think its interesting and goes well with the theme of the story that it happens at the wedding.

"This isn't as comfy as they make it look in the movies. The door was really hard. And it was too 90 degree-ish." very true. Being pushed up against hard walls or doors looks nice in the movies, but is not that fun in real life LOL
9/12/2012 c16 BlueKnicksnKnacks
I loved it! I don't want them to have to be together now, though, I like the tension :) It was perfect- you described everything so well, and everyone was in character!

Great job, please update soon!
9/12/2012 c16 Jasmine
YAY, I have been waiting for this chapter. that was awesome, absolutely loved it. They are so cute 3
9/9/2012 c8 4whatthegreencarrot
[Personally, I was just finding it difficult to comprehend how no one ever spoke back to her. I mean, this is High School. Sure, she's the popular mean girl but generally there's that minority that aren't afraid of her and refuse to worship the ground she walks on.] paragraph fifteen. I think the tenses were wrong again. It'd be better if you put down

"Personally, I was just finding it difficult to comprehend how no one ever spoke back to her. I mean, this was high school. Sure, she was the popular mean girl, but generally there was that minority that wasn't afraid of her and refused to worship the ground she walked on."

I cracked up at the paragraph after that one, the part when you wrote that Astrid had a peanut-sized brain. Astrid FTW! :D

["Oh, it started raining goo outside. And yeah, I'm fine; I likebeing covered in this stuff. It shows spontaneity." I snapped.] space between like and being. Paragraph twenty-four, I think. Might've counted wrong.

Heh. Sarcasm. I love sarcasm...how do you come up with so many random witty crack-ups in a single chapter? I think I ruptured a lung from laughing.

...not really, but it was still funny :3 I liked that part when Lucas was all like, "Sorry, Courtney, but I don't find green paint a turn-on." LOVED IT! Keep updating, I'll keep reviewing.

...unless that means you'll stop updating, because I'm a rubbish reviewer.
9/9/2012 c7 whatthegreencarrot
[I walked into English and sat down at the first available seat and, as usual, a swarm of fans came rushing to my side, all desperate to sit next to me.] LOL I TOTALLY CRACKED UP AT THAT LINE. Sarcasm...it makes the world go 'round.

Hm... I can lift my left eyebrow separately, but not my right one. It's very frustrating... One of my friends can make her eyebrows do this weird dancey thing, and she lifts them both separately at different times. T_T I wish I could do that. *cries*
9/9/2012 c6 whatthegreencarrot
["Ew, Felicity I'm not answering that. I have to live with these people so my lips are sealed." I scrunched up my nose.] comma after Felicity. Whee...

Ehh, I'm so tired. Gonna make this one a short review, and I know I must be a nuisance, reviewing all over the place. On the upside, you're several reviews closer to three hundred :D
9/9/2012 c5 whatthegreencarrot
[I suppose a normal person would have stopped throwing the ball after the first time it had hit them] I think it should be "supposed." And I'm still not sure if people from the UK put periods instead of commas at the end of dialogue, so not going to say anything on that.

Heh, I liked that part when Astrid waged war on the ball...it's something that I would definitely do. I'm super weird—heck, I even make friends in the lunchline.

...yeah, that's messed up. But seriously, it's actually pretty entertaining. I do it with my bestie, Shay.

Ah, rambling. Okay, I'll get back to the actual chapter. Hm, there's honestly not much to say... Astrid is, frankly, one of the most hilarious characters I've had yet to come across, so she's naturally one of my favorites. Something I'd like to see would be...maybe something more from Lucas, he seems almost perfect. Characters usually have some imperfections, but that's okay, because I love Lucas all the same. *fangirl mode*

LOL, I want a Bumblebee car! Heh, I like Transformers... They're so Transformer-y.

...I need to find some better ways to describe things. So far, it's mostly been an "-y" at the end of whatever word I'm describing. Woe is me.
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