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for Not By Blood

6/12/2012 c2 3dawnita
so, i'm gonna pretend i've just read this story for the first time so that my reviews would be more genuine, if that makes sense. haha!

i can't believe she called him Tony!

and i just love her sarcasm. it's adorable!

and wow, Lucas is strong ...


- d.
6/12/2012 c1 dawnita
hi! so i haven't really given a proper review for this story and it just made me guilty, especially with how good this story was. i usually review every single chapter of stories, but i was just extremely lazy the other day and only reviewed till the last chapter. but now worries, because i'm gonna review all chapters now, considering i have thirty minutes of free time before my next class ...

i love Astrid's character so much! she is super funny (in a good way)

- d.
6/12/2012 c11 6imperfectlyokay
Haha, this was very filler, but I enjoyed the whole Astrid getting protective over the car thing :P Looking forward to another update! My IGCSEs are done, math LOOOONG ago. I would've though they would be at roughly the same time, actually, but whatever.

Good luck!
6/12/2012 c11 LiveLaffPiano97
YES! Another update! :D As I've said numerous times before, it gets better each time. I wish I had Astrid's confident sarcasm, it's hilarious! Thanks for the update, AND MAKE ANOTHER SOON! :)
6/12/2012 c11 UnicornTamer
yayy. i like it
6/11/2012 c11 neonafrohead
hola mia! i have no clue how you were able to update in between those horrendous exams but i am soo happy that you did. It was munificent as usual, hoping to see some more "Jelling"(?) by lucas in relation to chris. Astrids comebacks always make my day! kee up the good work ;)
6/11/2012 c11 10Nami98
For writers block, this is pretty damn awesome ;) Update soon, okay! I LOVE THIS STORY! :'D
6/11/2012 c11 12Regina Rein
OMG! I love you da beeeeest! I love Astrid very much! x3 And, Lucas is seems to get on his caring side for Astrid, I like it. Chris too.. aww! How envy I am to Astrid.

Nah, yeah I'm lucky. So, please update again. More update, more lucky for me! :D

I hope you don't mind. I really want to know the next scene in the principal office, and how the story flows.

Also, you use so many good words, i have to use a dictionary! (No, no, I'm not angry. I'm thankful for real because I need to learn vocab if you know what I meant)

so, until next time ;D
6/11/2012 c7 5wasauskyx
send me the link to da dress please i can't see it
6/11/2012 c11 mylittleprincess
6/11/2012 c11 Art-is-Food
awesome :'

update soon please
6/11/2012 c11 4Emmaa x
tehe :D and that's how you do it!

Sophie is such a sweet character waiting to find her friend :P and Lucas is turning kind and mushy :O haha.. but courtney's not so its okay, i dont have to have a total mental breakdown :P

i loved this chapter so you know, like always Update soon! Or i'll invade your home for our Die hard marathon early and insist upon and update before we start ;)

you know i'm serious D
6/11/2012 c11 Wiz Calita
First off i agree with Astrid, who doesnt love sleep? lol omg i was soo happy when i saw that you updated again. i mean it just keeps getting better and better! update when you can :)
6/10/2012 c11 marginal-utility
Astrid has a pretty cool attitude about getting detentions and being sent to the principal LOL Its a useful one.
6/10/2012 c11 Ruby
wow. this story is amazing. i read all ten chapters in a row without stopping and i died a little inside when there was no 'next chapter' button ): i love astrid's personality and her attitude, i love lucas as well. Although, i would love to see a little more of chris in the story. he seems to be a nice guy (:

im literally dying to read the next chapter, please update soon!
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