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for Not By Blood

4/30/2013 c23 RubyRed22
Yay! I guess I am a little disappointed that nothing happened in this chapter, but I'm glad enough that you updated at all! In fact, just yesterday I was suddenly wondering out of nowhere when you were going to update. Yes, I so think about your story when I'm not reading it. This happens to me so much though, I swear. After a month or so, I start to think about a story. Then when I decide to re-read some of it, it's updated the next day! How creepy is that?! I for sure have ESP or something.
4/30/2013 c1 Raven Rose
4/30/2013 c23 4ToBreakMyFall
YEES an update finally! I like where this is going and i love the back story of bryce and sophie goin on ;) THEY NEED TO GO OUT ASAP oooh cant wait for the moment when she remembers and GOSH how is this story gonna end? UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE PLEASE c:
4/30/2013 c23 L.Y Escape Reality
FINALLY :D it was really good (: you can tell Lucas wasn't happy about Astrid kissing that guy haha. Next chapter, have some drama between them? Feeling growing? Haha good job! Update asap
4/22/2013 c22 heytheredemonsit'smeyagirl
Dear Jebus I love this story. Lucas is SOO FREAKIN HOT_AWESOME_TASTIC_SAUCE. That's how sexy he is. So sexy, in fact I might go crazy if I don't read the next chapter soon, FYI. So update...you know, now. HURRY WOMAN.
4/5/2013 c22 3The Beauty of Lies
Astrid is an adorable drunk! It's... 4 am once again and I am reading on fictionpress, and I am glad to say the lack of sleep was well worth it! i really like Astrid's character, and to be honest I kind of envy your ability to make a story that's so darn funny at just the right moments! it makes everyone more loveable and real, which is hard to do in romance these days. I'm glad you're not moving things too quickly with anyone, especially not Sophie and Bryce, who would make the cutest couple ever, but letting them grow more fond of each other. I do sort of wish someone would be interested in Astrid aside from Mason (So glad I never had to deal with guys like that!) and of course Lucas. But yeah, I love this story. and you for writing it! so please please please update soon. also... how real are these characters? based off anyone in real life or a complilation of sorts?
4/2/2013 c22 kissedbytheking
Sooo Sweet! I can't wait for the next update! Another story I can fall in love with. :)
4/1/2013 c5 3AriTakahashi
'You have a freaking Bumblebee car!' Ha! Couldn't stop laughing!
3/26/2013 c22 GrimIsaac
good story so far... keep it up and you will get first place.
3/4/2013 c1 2chibilover28
As a troubled kid myself, I can actually relate with everything Astrid is saying in this chapter. Reading this, it feels like looking at a reflection of myself. I'm sure I'm not the only troubled kid who feels the same way reading this. Keep up the good job! :D


Please review my story
3/3/2013 c22 1DeadlyKitten2021
...he he he he ... ( supposed to be creepy laugh but i didnt know how to ya know type a creepy laugh guess oh well lolz ;P ) love it
3/3/2013 c22 en route to fridge
can i just say...
OMG I LOVE ASTRID, she's hilar :') thankyou for making my day with this story
2/28/2013 c22 randomosity007
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon? Please? This is awesome. REALLY REALLY good.
2/24/2013 c22 6FudoTwin17
XD I LUV IT! XD Tho, I'll admit I probably would've been in luv w/ the idea of her getting drugged from a guy and her knight in shining armor helping her out. :) It's so amazing, tho, just the way it is! XD I LUV IT! UPDATE!
2/24/2013 c22 2flep
I SHIP JOHNLOCK! Sherlock and John may deny it, but it WILL happen. I DEMAND IT!

Ps. I like drunk Astrid.
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