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for Toilets and Me, a Tale

5/1/2013 c4 4Lolitroy
Hahaha, t'was hilarious. I gotta tell I have bad luck, but to that extreme? Thank god I don't. My gwad.

Aww is it complete? . At least it's finished, but you should share more... stuff about life :3
5/1/2013 c1 Lolitroy
Haha, so heartwarming! It was awesome, though I wouldn't be EVAH caught dead doing that... eh. :3

Hmm, if I saw somebody doing that first thing I'd do is spread the news! Well, not really, but many people would. At least they don't know your name :D
4/4/2013 c4 Erica Lethe
let me just say that every one of you actions was... mostly reasonable. and no, my face isn't paralyzed by shock, terror, or indignation. it's paralyzed with amusement.
4/4/2013 c4 34inkfngrz
I read this entire thing the whole way through and I about died.
I have been in similar situations- perhaps not quite so extreme. . .
I hope you continue this. It's too funny- and sadly truly realistic- that you can't not continue!
(Is that a double negative?)
Write on!
9/3/2011 c3 What.Tha.What
OMeeeGawrShh! hahahahahah...
8/24/2011 c2 4Made To Syn
wow. ive never done ANY of those thngs. this was... distrurbing.
8/23/2011 c3 BurningDragon5
I'm laughing on the inside.

No, really. I'm not a laugh out loud person...I'm not very spontaneous. But I smile at something humorous, and on this story, I have smiled a lot.

8/23/2011 c2 BurningDragon5
"So I simply rushed and peed in the bathtub instead."

Brilliant. XP

8/23/2011 c1 BurningDragon5
I think I can safely say that this is one of the most funny, (not too silly, not too serious) things on here. Heck, on any fanfiction!

This is great. :) I have (and am still, and probably forever be) enjoying it throughly.

8/23/2011 c2 3Scylent
What do you know! I AM scandalized!

Never wet the bed in my entire life :) That isn't to say however, that I've never peed my pants... how embarrassing... heh heh, like you, I have a weak bladder.
8/23/2011 c1 Scylent
Well, you did what you had to do (for BOTH situations)! Personally, your mother sounds like my father, so I can relate to not wanting to face their wrath. An unhappy Papa is an unhappy household.

I don't think I have any embarrassing toilet stories. But I did lock myself in the bathroom once to escape my furious parents after I did something wrong (I don't remember what)...

Anyway, I enjoyed reading these! It makes me wonder if I would have done what you did... probably not :D

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