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for Humanity vs. Humanity

5/30/2003 c5 3lighthouse
oh my God tihs styory is so good. please write more.
11/28/2001 c5 DigiBitch
Original story! My favorite type of fiction tied with fanfics! I like where you are going with this. Gloria is cool. But, please update! And put this in the original section on MediaMiner!
7/18/2001 c5 linky
i like the first part it's funny with the guN! and then it's sad u don't know if they will live of die! it's like ahhh what will happern next!
7/18/2001 c1 Linky
sorry i gotta write u ANOTHER review but i have to add this to my favorite's list
7/16/2001 c4 Linky lazy
hi! this chapter is soooo cool! it's like pple running for their lives! i know pple find me a little pathetic but i like writing reviesws and if ne one reads this revies like like writing them! plus she deserves a review or two! please write the next chapter. borgs are evel (too evel) their like opsessed. this story is getting a little to my head. well you know they are just chasing 2 pple could that really make a difference? oh well continue u let me thing and this is a good thing... well i gtg once again! bye!
7/16/2001 c3 linky too tazy to sighn in
i'm sorry for not having the greatest spelling but it's true... i like this chapter! they pole vaolted the fense was awseme that's like somehing form the past puit to thhe future! itt's soo cool! well i'm gonna go read the next chapter...
7/5/2001 c2 links
i just love ur writing u always manage to do everything different u never copy ideeas! well i hope u write the next chapter bye
6/26/2001 c2 9Saab Aaubi
Hey, that is a good story! I like it a lot. You should continue it! ^_^
5/26/2001 c1 Mari
I love this story! I'll eagerly be awaiting chapter two.

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